Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit 2

The perfect plus size outfit for hanging out in higher altitudes, mountain towns, and ski slope chalets.  Or maybe you just want to look like a jet-setter heading to Gstaad.  Regardless, you will be chic and toasty, especially in these amazing lace-up fur-topped Sorel boots.  You may recognize the plus size tunic sweater and leggings from a previous post.  This outfit “base” is very versatile.

Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit

Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fall Winter Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #outfit

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Another Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit

Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit - Plus Size Fall Winter Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #outfit

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Tunic Sweater Outfit 2

  1. I love all your looks! But I need help! Skinny jeans are hot right now, they look less than hot on me. I’m tall, 5’9” , but have short legs. Skinny pants make my legs look shorter! Tall boots help, but my calves are big and sometimes don’t fit the extended sizes. What’s a girl to do????

    1. Hi Bethann!
      Thank you! Yes, skinny jeans are hot! But, not many people actually look their best in them. Truly. However, looking out of date, is not good either so then it becomes a lesser of 2 evils. Lol. You are lucky to be so tall though, short legged or not. So I have a couple of thoughts: First, it is difficult to give advice without knowing much else about your body type (apple, pear, etc.), size and all of that. But, I will say you should read a couple of my posts about proportions and dressing apple shapes (even if you are not a true apple, you might be a “new apple,” or even a combination). So take a look at those posts and then get back to me about you shape. It may just be that we need to balance out your proportions better by thinking about the shape of the tops you would wear with skinny pants.

      As for boots. I know the struggle. Trust! Torrid has recently been offering some of their boots in extended wide calf, which is awesome, but they sell out quickly! You can also try Wide Widths, which offer several calf widths and Simply Be which offer 5 calf widths, yes, 5! (be sure to check their boot size chart). And lastly, my favorite place for wide calf boots is Duo Boots, which are actually custom-sized up to 20″! They are expensive, yes. But they are handmade, genuine leather, and literally last forever. Even if the heels or soles wear, you can easily (and inexpensively) have them repaired by your local cobbler for like $20- $25 every few years. So, totally worth the investment if you want boots that fit like a glove!

      So, I hope those are some good places for you to get started thinking about how to conquer the skinny pant/body type/proportion/boot issue! 🙂 If you get back to me, I can offer some more suggestions.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. The skinny jean and tall boot (or any boot) look is hard for me. I am 5’5, kind of a rectangle shape (shoulders, large bust, large hips, not much of a defined waist) and my calves are 17″ circumference…and then I have skinny ankles. Sailor legs. I have found boots that fit but they bag at the ankles and don’t look right. Leggings and skinny jeans do not flatter my shape at all. I try for a straight leg whenever possible to mimic the skinny jeans and leggings outfits but it’s not the same. I also then struggle with how to style the hems of pants with shoes and boots. Booties with tights and a skirt look terrible because my calves are so wide and my legs are short. My Mom always said “just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean it looks good on you.” Sigh.

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