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Color Theory for Fashionistas - Part 2

Color Theory for Fashionistas – Part 2

In you haven’t already read my previous post, Color Theory for Fashionistas – Part 1, I suggest you start there.  Now that you’re all caught up, you know that I am going to talk about more harmonious color schemes, including monochromatic and analogous colors. Monochromatic Outfits Often people think of monochromatic as black, white, and grey, which is… Read More

Plus Size Proportions - How to wear your clothes in a more flatting way, Alexa Webb

Plus Size Proportions

Plus Size Proportions: How to wear your clothes in a more flattering way If you have ever watched Project Runway, you will have undoubtedly heard Tim Gunn say, “Make it work.”  Love him! And you also likely heard Nina Garcia mention proportions.  And even if you didn’t know exactly what she was talking about, you knew… Read More

How to Mix Prints -

Mixing Prints & Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns can be intimidating.  No one wants to look foolish (or clownish).  But, with a few tips its totally doable, I swear.  To get started with ideas and inspiration, check out my Mixing Prints & Patterns Pinterest Board that I created specifically to go with this post. Tips for Mixing Prints & Patterns Mix… Read More