10 Plus Size Brands to Know

With fall finally here, I’ve been looking all around to see what is new in plus sizes.  And I have to say, some of it is really exciting.  I just love when a brand, new or old, steps up and brings it!  Below is a list of brands that I think are really bringing their A-game right now and give me hope about the direction of plus size fashion.  So, if you don’t know about them or haven’t taken a look in a while, now is the time.  Because, gurrrl, this ish is hot!

10 Plus Size Brands to Know

10 Plus Size Brands to Know - Plus Size Fashion for Women - alexawebb.com #alexawebb

Anna Scholz

I have been a fan of Anna Scholz for awhile now.  I have one of her tunics and every time I wear it, I get complements.  As always, she is bringing us hot pieces and quality clothing that can easily go from the office to happy hour.  Some are pricey though. But there are some more affordable pieces mixed into the collection.

You can shop Anna Scholz on her website.

City Chic

I know that I feature City Chic a lot, but I just think they have a wonderful collection of fashion-forward clothes for plus sizes.  And that is rare!  I also appreciate that many of their pieces have some sex appeal.  They have clothes that you can wear to work or rock at a concert and adorable dresses perfect for daytime or formal occasions.  They even have sexy lingerie!

You can shop City Chic on their website, which ships to the US for free.  You can also shop City Chic at ASOS, Bloomingdale’sLord & Taylor, Macy’s  and Nordstrom.


Eloquii brings it every. damn. time.  They have designs considered “daring for plus sizes,” that I see no other brands carrying.  Bold prints, bright colors, modern silhouettes!  Bravo!  Most of the collection goes to a size 24, with many pieces in sizes 26 and 28.  They also have “viola” cuts meant for pear shaped women with hips 1 – 2 sizes larger than their bust.

You can shop Eloquii on their website.


Elvi is a plus size brand based in the UK.  They offer modern designs through size 26UK/22US.

You can shop Elvi on their website, which ships to the US and Canada, and ASOS or Nordstrom.

Good American

Good American is a Khloe Kardashian’s brand which features mainly denim, but also sweats and bodysuits.  ALL styles are available in sized 0 to 24.  Can I get an amen?  You can read the review of Good American in a variety of sizes here.

You can shop Good American on their website or at Nordstrom.

Love & Legend by Addition Elle

Addition Elle is a Canadian brand, but they ship to the US and are carried by US stores Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom.  They are pretty size-inclusive, going from sizes 12 – 26.  Go to their website for the complete collection.

You can shop Love & Legend Addition Elle on their website, Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom.

Michel Studio by Addition Elle

Michel Studio is plus size work clothes you want to wear all the time!

You can shop Michel Studio at Addition Elle, Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom.

Rebel Wilson x Angels

Rebel Wilson came out with a plus size collection that anyone can appreciate.  It’s bold and chic with some staples mixed in.

You can shop Rebel Wilson x Angels at Addition Elle, Dillard’sLord & Taylor, or Nordstrom.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is a modern and fashion-forward collection in sizes 10 – 28.  They have a core collection called Universal Fit Liberty, which allows you to return a piece that no longer fits due to a size fluctuation and replace it with your new size within a year.  That is brilliant!  Considering I have a collection of clothes in 5 sizes (no joke) due to weight fluctuations, that is a really great idea.

You can shop Universal Standard on their website or Nordstrom.

Violeta by Mango

I really love the modern style of Violeta by Mango, but my complaint is that they only go to a size 22.  But when I checked for actual items available in that size, it becomes clear they only go up to a size 20.  So, unfortunately, they are really limiting their customers.

You can shop Violeta by Mango on the Mango website.

For more shopping suggestions, check out my Plus Size Shopping Directory.

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16 thoughts on “10 Plus Size Brands to Know

  1. LOVE winter clothes in hot pink and bright yellow ……just makes you feel a little warmer. Thank you for the heads up on exciting new places to buy plus sizes.

  2. Hi Alexa! Another great site to check out is eShakti.com. They do semi-custom clothes for up to size 36W, and the prices and selection are great! Definitely worth a look. I’ve gotten many dresses from them and have really liked it–I haven’t tried their custom measurements sizing yet, but I’ve had good luck with their sizing–and they often give you options to change certain things like neckline, hem length or sleeves for a small fee!

  3. Love these sites! I am researching various brands that I might like to carry in my new boutique and this is very helpful! especially the plus size categories. It’s difficult to find unique and cute fashions in the plus size category!

  4. I just discovered your blog today and I’m so happy I could literally cry. For so long I’ve wanted to change the way I dress (I know I look sloppy) but I didn’t know where to start. Your blog gives me the courage to try again. I love everything I’ve seen so far! This is such a huge help that I can’t thank you enough.

  5. I live for City Chic. Full beauty sells this brand on their website along with Violets by Mango. Thank you for the suggestions. I’m going to check out the other brands too.

  6. Hi Alexa , I do love all your ideas, but do you have any ideas for overweight short people, my weight is 148 and also have my Lowe belly problem, how I can dress!
    Thank you much

    1. Hi Eliana,
      Do you know what your shape is? Are you an Apple? Pear? Hourglass? That is really helpful. Also, how short are you? Are you considered petite? That brings about more issues. I’d love to help, but need more info.

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