Shopping for Wide Ankle Strap Shoes

Do you have wide ankles but love strappy sandals?  I feel your pain. 

Below are some tips for shopping for wide ankle strap shoes and where to find them.

Tips for Shopping for Shopping for Wide Ankle Strap Shoes and Where to Buy Them. Alexa Webb

Story Time

Despite my size, I have had relatively small wrists, ankles, and feet for most of my life.  I never realized what a blessing that was until I lost those privileges.

About ten years ago, I fractured one ankle and simultaneously sprained the other.  I’m nothing if not graceful! 

Yes, I had an epic fall, during which I blurted out every four-letter word I’ve ever known.

Thankfully, a handyman was at my house.  A relative stranger.  So, after cursing and moaning like I was having an exorcism, I asked if he could drive my manual transmission to the hospital.   Lying there on the concrete, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to be able to use a clutch.

I tried to stand up, again cussing like a sailor who was at sea for months and had just run aground.  The pain was more than I could bear, so I had to crawl to my car as my neighbors watched with curiosity and pity.

Sadly, this was not the lowest point of this injury.  I’ll have to tell you about a first date I had weeks later in which my injury lead to total humiliation!  I digress.

My ankles and feet were never the same again.  They turned purple, blue, and green.  And they swelled so much that I couldn’t wear any of my shoes.

I should mention that I was “misdiagnosed” as having two bad sprains at the ER.  And it wasn’t until I went to a specialist that we discovered the fracture.  So I was walking on a broken bone without a cast for days.

The genius medical professionals who missed my broken bone in the x-ray also included “lose weight” as instructions in my discharge paperwork.  They were SO helpful!

So back to my ankles.  They swelled up and now have permanent scar tissue and swelling. 

And my feet now require wide width shoes.  So I truly know the difficulty in shopping for wide ankle strap shoes.  The struggle is real!

Shopping for Wide Ankle Strap Shoes – Tips

  1. Choose a wide width shoe.  Wide width shoes tend to have straps for wider ankles.
    • If you don’t want leather, this is even more important.  And your best bet is to find non-leather at a plus size retailer like Lane Bryant or Torrid.  I have found them to be a little larger in the ankle than standard wide width shoes. 
  2. Choose genuine leather when possible.  Leather can be stretched and manipulated to accommodate larger ankles.
  3. Get professional help.   Take your leather shoes to a cobbler or a shoe repair for stretching.  They can also add additional holes to the straps if you need an even longer strap.
  4. Make adjustments at home as needed.
    •  You can also stretch leather shoes at home.  Get some leather stretching spray and follow the directions.  Any shoe stretcher or even just some clamps and a block of wood should work to stretch out a leather strap.
    • Add your own holes with a leather punch tool.  Just be sure to match the correct size hole.


Wide Ankle Strap Shoes

Tips for Shopping for Shopping for Wide Ankle Strap Shoes and Where to Buy Them. Alexa Webb

Column 1 (left): Black Strappy Sandals, Crystal Sandals, Rose Gold Wedges, Pink Croco Sandals, Double Wrap Sandals

Column 2 (middle): Pewter Sandals, Snake Sandals, Gold Sandals, Brown Sandals, Pink & Orange Sandals

Column 3 (right): Hot Orange Sandals, Gold Low Sandals, Strappy Flats, Nude Sandals, Aqua Strappy Sandals, Black Wedges

Where to Buy Wide Ankle Strap Shoes

Just as I said, the best places are those who sell wide width shoes.  And by the way, Good American now carries wide width shoes and boots!

So check out my post on shopping for wide width heels.  Plus, you can find more resources in my shopping guide.

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6 thoughts on “Shopping for Wide Ankle Strap Shoes

  1. I’m loving the elastic strap sandals I’ve been seeing a lot of this year. I have a pair and it makes it so much easier to take on and off. I always have trouble contorting my leg sideways to reach the buckle on the side of the foot. I’ve noticed it has gotten much more difficult being plus sized. TY for this posting.

  2. Unfortunately, Ankle strapped shoes are very popular at the moment. I, however, think they are ugly esp. if your ankle is less than slim. Calls attention to the size, and is another “cut” to height. I think that fashion should consider all sizes, shapes and desires. These are not for me.

  3. Alexa!
    I love all of your posts but this is one is a lifesaver!! I have wide feet and I dread the summer because I can’t wear most of the cute strapped sandals because either the strap is too thin or my baby toe hangs out or everything looks like a sausage??‍♀️ So thank you for this amazing shoe guide ❤️

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping it real. Your outfit ideas, source list posts, and personal anecdotes are so helpful. Also I want to hear about the date!

  5. I am cursed with the problem of retaining water in my lower legs during the summer, my ankles practically disappear. Thanks for your tips in this matter, is difficult to find sandals that don’t cut into the skin.

  6. If you come across a good place that sells LEATHER wide width shoes, let me know. I can confirm that Torrid does have a good selection of wide width shoes, but no actual leather. Re: ankle injuries, I highly, highly recommend Pilates. Find a good instructor with experience with students recovering from injuries. Pilates is the cheapest physical therapy there is and the strengthening/stretching exercises can really help.

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