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Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid - Plus Size Cozy Gift Ideas - #plussize #alexawebb

Plus Size Gifts for Her from Torrid

This is a post sponsored by Torrid and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own. Ladies! This is a post to pass along to your family, loved ones, significant others, gentleman callers, boo thangs, shorties on the side, or anyone interested in giving YOU some amazing gifts.  Of course, you can also “gift” yourself. … Read More

Plus Size Loungewear - Plus Size Pajamas and Sweats - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Plus Size Loungewear

As I have been working on my personal wish list, I am noticing a theme of plus size loungewear, luxury beauty products, and coffee-related items, like an espresso machine, apparently Dolce and Gabbana make one!  Ok, I’m never going to get a D&G kitchen appliance, but it’s fun to look!  And honestly, this list truly… Read More

Plus Size Joggers Outfits - In-the-Home - Plus Size Outfit for Home - Working from Home - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

Plus Size Joggers Outfits

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, especially given the recent athleisure trend.  These days everyone is running around in sneakers and activewear. But, there is a fine line between fashionably comfortable and looking like you might end up on the snarky “People of Walmart” website. I talked more about this and offered a… Read More

Plus Size Activewear - Plus Size Gym Outfit - Plus Size Workout Clothes - #alexawebb

Plus Size Activewear

As I discussed in a previous post, I love lap swimming for fitness.  But if you are doing “land-based” workouts, this plus size activewear post is for you.  I find it motivational to have cute workout clothes.  It makes me feel better about myself and I get excited to show off my killer outfits at… Read More