Plus Size Blanket Scarf Outfit

A blanket scarf makes you look “put together” instantly.  I have one that practically became my uniform last winter.  They’re a great investment and actually keep you warm in the cold months.  In the outfit below I’ve paired with a leather jacket. Go here to see a blanket scarf with a denim jacket.  Like I said, throw one over anything!

Plus Size Blanket Scarf Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Blanket Scarf Outfit

  1. Hi Alexa

    I love your posts because they are attractive look and feel comfortable and are styles that can typically be put together with almost any budget. They are practical enough that most people will probably have 70-80 percent of the outfits you post already in their closet. You have single handedly opened up a plethora of plus size stores I never new existed !! With your inspiration and guidance I find that over the last year+ I’ve built a wardrobe rather than purchased a lot of individual items never to be worn again. So much less waste. Shopping feels not only fun again with all the accessories, handbags, shoes, but financially responsible!! Often your posts remind me of what I already own and allow me to splurge on that one bag or jacket or perfect pair of jeans!!

    Thank you – thank you – thank you for you effort and your passion!!!


    1. Hi Lisa!
      First off, thanks so much for taking the time to write such a nice comment. I’m so happy to hear that you find my blog so helpful. What you said is really what I try to accomplish, so I am really glad that someone out there is able to put a smart wardrobe together and recycle pieces or indulge in something new and special! Thank you for the support!


  2. I absolutely love your ideas and the looks you out together. I’m 39 and just started law school and am so much more confident in the outfits I’ve put together with your help! I e even received lots of compliments. Thank you!

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