Plus Size Bright Orange Blazer Outfit

A plus size bright orange blazer outfit for day or night.

This bold jacket makes a statement with a feminine cut in a stretch ponte knit.  

A plus size bright orange blazer - Alexa Webb

Add it to some distressed cropped demi-bootcut jeans for an effortlessly polished but on-trend look.

Age-Appropriate Trendiness

Sometimes I hear that distressed jeans aren’t “age-appropriate” or are “too trendy.” 

However, if you pair the trendy, like distressed demi-boot jeans, with conservative pieces, like a blazer, it strikes a balance that allows you to be fashion-forward and fresh but also age-appropriate. 

If all of the pieces in your outfit are more conservative you run the risk of looking boring or worse, like a fuddy-duddy.

If that’s the vibe you want, totally go for it. 

I, myself, have more conservative days depending on where I am going or if I am just in an unimaginative mood.  It happens. 

And if you dress conservatively at the office, I think that is spot on.

But to really be a bad ass fashionista, you will have to take some risks sometimes. 

And if you succeed in finding that balance, you’ll feel so good about how you look that you won’t even care what people might think. 

But chances are you’ll get compliments everywhere you go anyway!

J.Crew Sizing

These cropped demi-bootcut jeans are from J.Crew.

In case you haven’t heard, J.Crew now has many items in plus sizes up to a size 24 or 3X. 

Their sizing is comparable to Lane Bryant

One thing to note is that some of their pants and jeans come by waist sizing (vanity), so check the size chart below to see which size you are.

JCrew Denim Size Chart

More Details

Make things a little sexy with a leopard and lace cami.

Choose some trendy heeled sandals in bright orange.

And, of course, a designer crossbody bag is always a great choice.  

Plus Size Bright Orange Blazer Outfit

Plus Size Bright Orange Blazer Outfit with leopard print cami, distressed jeans, heeled sandals, and YSL crossbody bag. Great for a night out! Alexa Webb

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One thought on “Plus Size Bright Orange Blazer Outfit

  1. There are alternatives between ripped jeans or “fuddy-duddy”. I’m sick of ripped jeans, but I own a few even tho I’m almost 60. I don’t hate them, but I think we’ve got the technology to provide more options, too.

    And can we all take a moment to give thanks for the return of straight leg jeans?! FINALLY.

    I’d like to see some good rinses and fades (right down the front of the thigh, please and thank you) instead of ever-increasing levels of carnage for a change.

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