Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit

A plus size white jeans outfit for spring that won’t break the bank!  Another look from my “on a budget” series.  Before getting into the details, I want to prevent some anticipated feedback.  So please keep these things in mind:

Plus Size on a Budget – My “Disclaimer”

  • “Budget” is relative.  Some people easily spend $300 on sunglasses, while other people allocate $300 for their annual clothing budget.
  • You may be able to find these items elsewhere for less.  These are just some “budget-friendly” finds I have come across.  And I typically don’t link to clearance items because they sell out and then people are disappointed.  Also, I have no way of linking to thrift stores, but obviously if you want to check out your local thrift stores, I think that is a great idea!
  • Recycle & reuse.  As with all of my posts, I hope that you can use pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  Additionally, I assume that you can reuse all of the pieces below in other combinations with things in your closet to create a variety of looks.  Meaning, I think it is unfair to judge the expense of one outfit as though that is the only way to wear the pieces.

Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit

Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Spring Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Plus Size on a Budget – Outfit Details

This “on a budget” outfit makes me think of watching the sunset on Cape Cod.  Feeling the stiff winds coming off of the ocean. The smell of salt in the air.  Layering a cozy cardigan over a tank.  Tie the polka dot scarf over your head or around your neck.  Chic has never been so easy or so affordable!

Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit

Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Spring Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Look

Plus Size Cardigan {sold out} (similar, similar)

Lipstick in “Bare Affair”

Handbag {sold out} (similar, similar)

Sunglasses {sold out} (similar, similar)

Scarf {sold out} (similar, similar)

Plus Size Striped Tank {sold out} (similar, similar)

Bracelet {sold out} (similar, similar)

Hoop Earrings {sold out} (similar, similar)

Plus Size White Jeans {sold out} (similar, similar, similar)

Sandals {sold out} (similar, similar, similar, similar, similar/wide)

Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Spring Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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29 thoughts on “Plus Size on a Budget – White Jeans Outfit

  1. I appreciate you budget posts! While I enjoy all your posts and get inspiration regardless of cost, the budget posts feel immediately obtainable and that’s exciting. 🙂 Thanks again for your excellent work!

  2. Have you tried the Joe Fresh shirts? I’m curious how they fit. I’m always nervous to buy from a place I’ve never tried, and have to pay for return shipping. For reference, I usually wear a 2 or 3 from Torrid. Thanks!

  3. Love all your ideas . Most ideas are ideal for any age . Keep up the good work but I would like to see more Amazon picks due to the ease of shopping and delivery ,

  4. I love your outfit choices especially the ones that are budget conscious! I would like to see more of those and maybe some outfits using some Cato Fashion pieces! I have those stores near me!

  5. I love your outfits ideas and always wait for new updates. Unfortunately, the subscribe option does not work for me even though I tried it a few times, i don;t get any emails from your blog, not even in my junk box. Not sure if other readers have the same problem. I wanted to ask if you could post more outfits that actually make full figures look slimmer, like color block options, slimming patterns on fabric, ruffles etc. This outfit will look slimmer but many others you post, like a bulky sweater and jeans ones, do not. Just my wish 🙂 Thank you for daily inspiration!

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      In order to receive emails you would have had to confirm the subscription in the original email from WordPress when you signed up. In case you didn’t do that or missed that email, you can update your pending subscriptions to WordPress blogs here:

      Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

      Thank you for your suggestions!

  6. Hello Alexa! Love your posts. Just wanted to say… you find and share great fashion for every price and body type. I look forward to your posts and read through them and check the links too. Thanks again.

  7. Got all the items except the pants and shoes (which I own already). All are very nice, the sweater especially. The only drawback is the tank is black and white instead of navy. I see the Talbots tank is on sale so will order it.

    The Joe Fresh items are true to size. I’m a 16/1X in Torrid/Talbots/Limited, etc. and these fit well. Specific to the tank it doesn’t hit as low as in the photos however I do have a longer torso and that is true of many tanks/shirts on me.

    Alexa, thank you so much for your posts. It’s been a Godsend to have you as a virtual personal stylist 🙂
    I have never felt more confident and put together!

    1. Hi Kimberly,
      Thank you for the sizing information. That helps! I’m so glad to hear the items are working out for you!
      And it is wonderful to hear that you’re feeling more confident! That is my mission!

  8. Hi Alexa ,

    I love your style ! Could you also post other sizes ? I am between 16-18 but depending on the brand I could be plus too , you know how the companies shrink the sizes all the time !
    I have been looking for affordable straight leg ( I hate skinny pants ) white pants and can’t find any that fits my thick legs ,big bottom and smaller waist ? I feel very frustrated ! Any suggestions on brands ?

    1. Hi Trishy,
      As a 16/18, you should be able to fit in nearly everything I post. Are you looking for white pants, like trousers or chinos, or white denim jeans? Let me know and I will see if I can find some suggestions for you.

      1. Hi Alexa ,
        I am looking for white jeans that are not tight on the legs as I have thick ones but that they fit on the waist . I’d like the fabric to be thick enough to cover all bulges lol sometimes the ones that have spanks mix show all the cellulite ! Thanks in advance !

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