Plus Size Casual Winter Outfit

This plus size casual winter outfit is all about designer accessories, like the iconic Burberry check scarf and the coveted Gucci Marmont belt

Oh and I threw in a Givenchy satchel for good measure! 

Basically, take a basic sweater and jeans to the next level with some standout pieces. 

If designer isn’t in the budget, I linked some amazing alternatives below in the “Shop the Look” section. 

Always look for “(less $ similar)” in all of my posts for less expensive options.

Gucci Belts

As I’ve said, I haven’t personally tried the Double G Gucci belts, but they are still the “it” accessory. 

Sadly, they aren’t large enough for me.  ? 

However, they come as large as a size 20 (or 44″ waist)! 

See the updated size chart below for choosing the correct size. 

Both the thinner Double G Gucci belts and the wider Double G Gucci belts now come up to a size 120! 

The latter is probably a better choice for jeans depending on your personal preference.  

So these belts are accessible to those with larger waists [and much larger wallets]!

Gucci Belt Size Chart

Plus Size Gucci Belt - Size Chart -

Wide Calf Over-the-Knee Boots

If you have or want some wide calf over-the-knee boots, this is such a great look to wear with them! 

Below, I linked a bunch of wide calf OTK boot options, including flat options! 

If you need tips on measuring your calves and shopping for wide calf boots, go here.

Plus Size Casual Winter Outfit

Plus Size Casual Winter Outfit - Gucci Scarf, Black Coat, Wool Blend Sweater, Givenchy Satchel, Skinny Jeans and Wide Calf Over the Knee Boots - Alexa Webb

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