Plus Size Green Dress Outfits

Plus Size Green Dress Outfits - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #fall #outfit #dressThis plus size green dress from Nordstrom caught my eye with its beautiful emerald green color and textured knit fabric.  Besides that, it is also very versatile. It’s light enough weight to be worn in the fall and spring or dressed up for holiday parties.

Not only can this dress easily be styled as a casual sweater dress as in my first look below, but it can be dressed up as a feminine party dress, like the second outfit I created. 

You could also wear it to work with a pair of leopard pumps and a long necklace or effortlessly transform it into a party dress, as I did in the second look, by adding some statement earrings and a pair of glittery sandals.

When going casual, try a denim jacket along with cute flats, ankle booties, or knee boots.  Top with a blanket scarf folded into a large triangle, as shown below. 

Or alternatively, try belting a blanket scarf.


Plus Size Green Dress Outfits

Plus Size Green Dress Outfits - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #fall #outfit #dress

Plus Size Green Dress Outfit – Casual

Plus Size Green Dress Outfits - Plus Size Casual Fall Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #fall #outfit #dress

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Plus Size Green Dress Outfit – Dressed Up

Plus Size Green Dress Outfits - Plus Size Party Dress Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize #party #outfit #dress

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8 thoughts on “Plus Size Green Dress Outfits

  1. I see those Naturalizer Wide boots in so many of your fall outfits that I LOVE. Have you actually purchased and worn them? They are pricey, but I love the look of them with so many outfits. If you have worn them, I would love to know if they are comfortable. I am a school teacher.

    1. Hi Rita!
      I don’t have those boots. I invested in a custom sized pair of riding boots from Duo several years ago. My calves are too wide for most standard “wide calf” boots, so I either need extended wide calf or custom. I do, however, have Naturalizer shoes and think they are a good quality brand with comfort as a priority.
      You are paying for the leather upper, which I always think is worth the investment. If the sole or heel shows wear over the year(s), you can then take it to a cobbler and have them repaired. Real leather boots will last forever if you keep them in good repair. And a riding boot never goes out of style. So, personally, I think it’s a good investment.
      If you decide to try them, please let me know what you think!

      1. I love this dress! But I’m not really a boot person, so could I wear tights/leggings? And if so, what color? And could I wear flats or a bootie?

      2. I am getting ready to purchase my first pair of Duo Boots. I’m nervous about measuring and the process. Any advice?

        1. Hi Angela,
          I found it to be pretty easy. You’ll need a measuring tape. Sit relaxed with your feet flat on the floor and measure the widest part of each calf. You want to measure both because they may not be the same size and you want to accommodate the larger calf.

          Also, I see that Duo has a guide that looks pretty helpful too:

          Their guide says to measure the circumference of your leg based on the height of the boot style you plan to purchase. I didn’t do that. I measured the widest part because I was overly concerned with making sure the boots were wide enough (my legs are big) as opposed to “the perfect fit.” Plus, measuring that way seems more difficult.

          Obviously, this is a more important way to measure if you are getting a shorter mid-calf boot rather than a knee high boot, as a shorter boot would need a smaller width. But I think if you’re shooting for knee high, my method should be fine.

          Once you have the measurement of your larger calf, then convert it into centimeters.

          If you plan to wear thick socks, you may want to add a little extra or round up, especially if they don’t have any goring. My boots have elastic goring, so I haven’t had a problem wearing them with socks vs tights.

          But, my biggest piece of advice is to keep with the repairs at cobbler, such as protecting, cleaning, re-heeling, and even just storing properly. You may want to invest in a boot tree. It’s worth protecting your investment because the boots will last a lifetime if you take care of them!

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