Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart

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The last time I wore a slip skirt was in the late ’90s.  I had traveled to Toronto to see Lilith Fair.  Yes, I drove 10 hours and out of the country for a music festival that was also scheduled in my local area.  I know that seems absurd.

But, the Indigo Girls were only scheduled to appear at select dates.  And I was not about to go to Lilith Fair and miss out!

To my surprise, the best set of the night was actually the Dixie Chicks, in my opinion.  And I wasn’t really even a fan.  But those gals can sing!

I digress.

The point is, slip skirts [and dresses] are back!  So I was excited to see that Walmart’s Terra & Sky has a leopard print slip skirt.  As I’ve said, I love Terra & Sky!

I find the Terra & Sky line to be of good quality and the prices very reasonable.  And the sizes go from a 1X – 5X!   Yassss, thank you, Walmart, for being size-inclusive.

Outfit Details

So for this plus size leopard skirt outfit, I chose a black sleeveless turtleneck.  They’re also trending.  And a classic black biker faux leather jacket.  They never go out of style!

Make the look pop with some bright red ankle booties.  So hot!  And top with a red matte lip.

As for accessories, I love this croc-embossed crossbody satchel.  I like adding texture when using multiple pieces of the same color.

Geometric hoop earrings and a thick link chain bracelet are some trendy pieces that won’t break the bank.

Lastly, throw on some Burberry Brit perfume for a classic scent.

Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart

Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart - Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Sleeveless Turtleneck, and Red Ankle Booties - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart

Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart - Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Sleeveless Turtleneck, and Red Ankle Booties - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

Go here to see another outfit with this sleeveless sweater.

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Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Walmart and also contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I will receive a small commission.

8 thoughts on “Plus Size Leopard Skirt Outfit with Walmart

  1. Super cute….I have an outfit question. I have a pleated pink skirt from H & M with an elastic waist, what type of top should I wear?

  2. I love that skirt! Concerned about styling for my body. Mid-length skirts can be tricky where they hit on my waist and my legs.

  3. Love the outfit, but then love anything leopard. What i struggle with, and hopefully you can advise, is i have a menopause tummy, a bit of a belly hang if you get my drift. Anyway, how do i do the ‘tuck’ with a shirt/top for trousers/skirts when i want to really cover that belly hang.

    hope you can advice this old chick

  4. Love this post?
    Bit of personal story! Indigo Girls! Pop of red! ? Textures when having multiple pieces of one color!
    Home run on this one, Alexa ?Thank you!

  5. I just received the clothes, shoes and bag. I am keeping the skirt and the top, really like what they do for my figure. Alas the shoes are too high for me because of foot problems but they are really cute. Love the way the jacket fits too however I normally buy an XL on top and went up a size. It fits my arms and shoulders are perfect but I can not get it zipped. I don’t usually close my jackets so I might just keep it. Just FYI if you have a tummy you might want to go up a size. Now the joke for me was the bag. It is so small I started laughing when I saw it. The measurements on it are 7″ across the bottom at the widest point, it is 6″ tall and 2″ deep. The handle is so small I can not get my hand in there. I am a plus size and it is ridiculously tiny. Come on Walmart wth. I should have read the measurements my bad.

  6. Love the combo you put together. I ordered the skirt. I ave a similar faux leather jacket. As always great job styling he outfit.

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