Plus Size Mom Jeans Outfit

Today I bring you a plus size Mom jeans outfit because “Mom jeans” are back!  Not sure what I’m talking about?

Just watch some of the early seasons of Friends to see the classic 90s straight leg, light wash, ankle-length denim trend. Personally, I like them distressed for a more “updated” look because I actually wore them the first time they were popular.

And I wouldn’t want anyone to think I have been rocking them ever since!  So somehow, in my mind, the distressing helps with that.

Despite their popularity, not surprisingly, they are hard to find in plus sizes.  Good American can’t seem to keep them in stock and Asos also has some limitations.  But, I found some at American Eagle, which in case you didn’t know, now offers sizes up to a 24.

For this look, I opted for a tie-waist top that ties in the front and drapes down in the back.  Plus, it is relatively sheer, which makes it a perfect choice to layering over a contrasting bralette.

Leave some of the top’s front buttons open to show off the bralette a bit more.

Add some trendy chic silver jewelry like hoop earrings, a disc necklace, and a compass coin necklace with a stack of bracelets.

Then top with some designer sunnies, or these less expensive alternatives.  And, of course, a designer bag.  And I love these metallic snake slide sandals, which also come in wide width!

Now go bump some of TLC’s CrazySexyCool album and dance in front of the mirror until you’re feelin’ your 90s self!

Plus Size Mom Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Mom Jeans Outfit with Celine Tote, Slide Sandals, and Silver Jewelry - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Mom Jeans Outfit

  1. OMG!! This is sooooo SHARP! U are awesome at this, Alexa! I’m really grateful for your emails! Makes me want to get dressed and look cute, despite my current size. Love u girl! ❤️

  2. Well where have you been all my life Miss Alexa?? I just stumbled onto your website via Pinterest. What a find; you have great style for every figure and every budget! Stay tuned….shopping now!

  3. Have you ever done a post on basic undergarments? I’m fairly new here, I have searched your blog but not found anything. I just feel that a comprehensive underwear wardrobe would be a very useful addition to your amazing posts.

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