Plus Size Outfit Ideas – White Nights

I am most comfortable in jeans, so I tend to wear them all the time.  In my opinion, jeans can be dressed up very easily.  So when I am headed out for a night on the town or even to a dinner date, there is a good chance I’m wearing jeans.

{Side note: My current favorite jeans are jeggings from Torrid, specifically their medium wash jeggings and dark wash jeggings.  People have told me that I’ve changed their lives recommending these!  I’ll do a post on jeans soon.}

Although I wear a lot of black, like a lot of black, I love white for evenings, including “winter white,” also known as off-white or ivory.  There is something very chic about a white blazer or a white flow-y top.  Just add some shiny or sparkly details in gold (or silver), amazing shoes, and an interesting clutch, and you’re good to go.

Things to consider when wearing white:

  1. It really is ok after Labor Day.  Really.
  2. Know your skin tone.  For example, I look very ill in an ivory t-shirt.  If you are cool-toned stick to whiter white and warm-toned skin should choose more ivory.
  3. Tip # 2 only applies to colors right next to your face/neck/chest.  Meaning a bright white top with a warm-toned scarf works fine for warm skin tones because the white garment is not right next to the face.  And I can wear ivory slacks without anyone asking if I have the flu because the pants are not next to my face.

Are you warm or cool?

If you aren’t sure about your skin tone find 2 pieces of fabric (garment, towel, sheet, anything will do), one ivory and one bright white.  Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit room (preferably natural light, like near a window) draping both fabrics across your chest and shoulders.  Take your time looking at how your face looks with each one.  You should have a clear winner pretty quickly, but if you are struggling to decide, ask someone to look at they fabrics with you.  They will likely be able to decide right away.

I used to help my customers learn about their best colors and skin tone in my boutique years ago.  The majority of people would look at me like I was crazy when I would suggest it, but would agree to try. Then as soon as we would get started with the white vs ivory, I would see a look of surprise on their faces as they realized that there really was a big difference.

3 Plus Size “Going Out in Jeans” Outfit Ideas:

Look 1

Plus Size Outfit - Plus Size Fashion - Alexa Webb -

Shop the look:  Earrings // Plus Size Blazer // Plus Size Top // Bracelet 1 // Bracelet 2 // Clutch // Heels or {lower version} heels // Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Look 2


Plus Size Outfit - Plus Size Fashion - Alexa Webb -

Shop the look:  Plus Size Top // Earrings // Bracelet 1 // Bracelet 2 (set) // Bracelet 3 // Ring // Clutch // Feather Heels // Plus Size Skinny Jeans 

Look 3

Plus Size Outfit - Plus Size Fashion - Alexa Webb -

Shop the look:  Earrings // Plus Size Sequin Blazer // Fringe Clutch // Jewel Cuff Bracelet // Sandals // Plus Size Cami // Tassel Necklace // Plus Size Skinny Jeans 

Shop More plus size white tops

What do you think about wearing white at night?  Do you rock jeans whenever you please?  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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