Plus Size Outfit Ideas – Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jean is a baggy or slouchy jean with a messy cuff.  

Basically, you’re trying to look like you effortlessly picked up your boyfriend’s ill-fitting jeans off the floor, cuffed them so they don’t drag the ground, and then confidently walked out the door.  As if.  

Pulling off this chic look is certainly not effortless, but it can be done, no matter your shape or size.  

Now boyfriend jeans come in all sorts of varieties- cropped, ankle, girlfriend, slim-fit, skinny, distressed, etc., which means anyone can find a flattering fit.

Tips for wearing plus size boyfriend jeans

  1. Slimmer fits with tapered legs look best on curvier bodies.  But, you want a little slouch to keep the look.
  2. Cropped boyfriends will make your legs look shorter, these are best for taller ladies.
  3. Slimmer and shorter cuffs will visually add length.
  4. The cuff should look a little messy.  Here is a great video on how to cuff boyfriend jeans.
  5. Boyfriends look great with booties in the winter months.

3 Outfits with Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - Alexa Webb -

Shop the look: Plus Size Vest // Handbag // Plus Size Long Button Down // Plus Size Sweater // Leopard Loafers // Sunglasses // Plus Size Belt // Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans // Watch // Bracelet // Earrings

Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - Alexa Webb -

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Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - Alexa Webb -

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More Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans Outfits

Well I hope you feel inspired now to confidently rock some boyfriend jeans.  Confidence is the best accessory!  For more inspiration, you can find me on Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Plus Size Outfit Ideas – Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

  1. what is the best way to wear them if you very short and heavy legged. i’m 5’2 and all my weight is in my stubby legs

    1. You’ll definitely want a skinnier fit, relaxed through hip and thigh, rather than baggy, with a tapered leg. You will likely have to get hemmed or find a shorter inseam (torrid often has “short” versions of their jeans). And you want the cuff to be at or just above the ankle (longer is better). If you’re comfortable in heels or wedges, they’ll add some height too.

  2. I love your style!! After browsing (stalking) all of your posts I noticed that you have a tendency to use pieces more than once. Could you do a post on wardrobe staples?

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