Plus Size Spring Athleisure

Two plus size spring athleisure outfit ideas.

Plus Size Spring Athleisure

Plus Size Spring Athleisure Outfits - A matching set of yoga pants and a cardigan or denim jacket with sneakers or sandals. Alexa Webb

Outfit 1 Details

I love a matching set like this cardigan and knit pants.

Wear with a white tee, like this one with elbow length sleeves.

Add some Nike sneakers to stay ultra comfy.

And some Celine sunglasses or a less expensive alternative and an on-trend woven tote in black. 

Now we have gone from cute to chic.   Yes!


For jewelry, start with a trendy gold layered necklace.

Add thick gold hoop earrings

Or try these which are similar and a great price from Amazon. 

I have them in every size they make!

And my favorite gold ring.

Then stack the wrist with some favorite gold bracelets from the brand Mevecco, which are on Amazon.

I recently purchased this Cuban links braceletpaperclip bracelet, and cable bracelet.

I freakin’ love them all!

You can check out my Amazon store and follow me on Amazon for more of my finds.

Jewelry Care

These are inexpensive plated pieces so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.

Plus Size Spring Athleisure 1

Plus Size Spring Athleisure 1 - A matching set of yoga pants and a cardigan with sneakers. Alexa Webb

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Outfit 2 Details

This time break up the set by pairing the knit pants and white tee with a denim jacket as needed.

Add the same on-trend woven tote in black but instead of sneakers try some platform casual sandals in bronze.

Some fun sunglasses top the look.

Jewelry & Perfume

I added some turquoise pieces like this necklace and this bracelet.

Layer on some delicate baubles just like Look 1.

And this perfume, Valentino’s “Donna Born in Roma Coral Fantasy,” is my newest favorite.

I think it’s a great choice for spring and summer as it is floral and a bit fruity.

Plus Size Spring Athleisure 2

Plus Size Spring Athleisure 2 - A matching set of yoga pants and a denim jacket with sandals. Alexa Webb

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