Plus Size Spring Haul

Y’all, I’ve gone HAM!  I purchased the amount of clothes in a sane person’s entire wardrobe over the course of a few days. 

I mentioned my plus size spring haul in a Facebook post and you guys said that you wanted to hear more about it.  So below are only some of the highlights from my recent plus size spring haul.

I have been so delayed in getting this post up because I wanted to have a complete list and my thoughts and opinions on everything. 

Unfortunately, while I have been waiting for orders to get here, finding the time to try things on, and writing this post, items actually started to sell out!  Argh!  So, I decided to post what I have so far.  If you are dying for a complete list of my haul, please comment and I will continue to work on itemizing everything.

A little backstory to this insanity: I recently gained some weight, then lost some weight.  But, I didn’t lose enough to fit into most of my clothes, at least not my favorites.  Sigh. 

And then I was invited to a fashion blogger conference, at which I’d like to look nice, so I have been scrambling to try to put some looks together that are casual, but stylish. 

Another criteria is that I have to be comfortable, so jeggings, sneakers, and flats are going to be my “go to.”  A couple of the days I will be traveling.  I don’t care much about what I look like on an airplane, but I don’t want to wear anything that will wrinkle.  I also need to wear layers so I can transition easily between the twenty degree temperature differences.

Plus Size Spring Haul – The Highlights

Plus Size Spring Haul - #alexawebb

Shop the Looks

Far Left Outfit – Sunglasses or here {already owned}, Hoop EarringsNecklace or herePlus Size CardiganPlus Size TankPlus Size Camo JeansHandbagSneakers or here

Second from Left Outfit – Sunglasses or here {already owned}, Hoop EarringsPlus Size AnorakPlus Size Black JeggingsHandbagSneakers or here

Center Outfit – Sunglasses or here {already owned}, Earrings or here {already owned} (less $ similar), Plus Size Floral TopLV Handbag {already owned}, Plus Size Jeggings {similar to ones owned}, Nude Flats

Second from Right Outfit – Sunglasses or here {already owned}, Earrings {already owned}, Plus Size TunicBamboo BagPlus Size JeggingsNude Flats

Far Right Outfit – Sunglasses or here {already owned}, Earrings or here {already owned}, Necklace or herePlus Size Wrap Dress {turned into top, removed pockets, mini length}, Handbag, Plus Size Jeggings {similar to ones owned}, Nude Flats

Plus Size Spring Haul Favorites

Plus Size Spring Haul - #alexawebb

Some of my favorite purchases were the handbags!  I bought this Ainifeel satchel, which looks just like a Céline Micro Luggage Bag or the Mini Luggage Tote.  It is high quality and real leather.  The only visible difference is the small Céline gold stamp on the outside front between the handles.

I made this cute image to show the negligible differences in the bags and the shades of red available in both the Céline and Ainifeel, and then suddenly, both red shades were sold out!  There are still some great colors available though.

  1. Céline Micro Luggage Bag ($2900)
  2. Ainifeel Purse ($119)
  3. Gershimay Purse ($129)
  4. Pre-Owned Céline Mini Luggage Tote ($2300)

I also got some more great finds on Amazon.  One you have already heard me talk about, the bamboo bag, which looks exactly like the Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo Clutch except it is missing the tiny beads between the bamboo pieces at the top.  Who is going to notice that?  And who cares?  It’s a cute bag!

The last amazing handbag find was the Phillip Lim Pashli Large Leather Satchel, which I found at 49% off!  I have loved this bag for at least five years.  And in my opinion, it never goes out of style.  Also, can you tell that I love satchels?  I really do!

Plus Size Spring Haul - #alexawebb

My next favorites come from eShakti, which I had purchased a couple of skirts from in the past.  But this order was so much better!  Why?  I custom-sized and customized!  For less than ten bucks extra per item, I got custom made clothing.  I would feel terrible about “stealing” such high quality items had I not learned that eShakti pays their workers a fair wage.

I took my measurements and entered them into my profile.  I was able to get all of the measurements I needed by myself, though it would have been much easier with another person to help me!  I was shocked when my garments arrived.  Nothing has ever fit me so well in my life!  And for the prices, my mind was blown!  What I got:

  • Wrap Dress (custom sized, turned into long top by getting the “mini” length and removing the pockets)
  • Floral Top (custom sized, mid-thigh length)
  • Floral Tunic (custom sized, mid-thigh length)

Now I am thinking about going back for this wrap dress in green, turning it into another wrap top.  Wrap tops are so flattering on me and I love a “true” wrap, where you can play with the waistline.  Plus I have a neon coral necklace that would “pop” with it.  This necklace would also work well.

I also made more purchases at Amazon, Yours Clothing, City ChicJessica London, TorridThe Real RealLane BryantSephora, and SWAK.  Please let me know in the comments below if you’d like to hear more about those.

For more “round-ups” and shopping posts, go here.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

20 thoughts on “Plus Size Spring Haul

    1. Can you tell me why you have skinny people wearing plus-size clothes modeling them how are we supposed to know what they look like on us and skinny people have them on

      1. Hi Carol,
        I use the images from the retailers, which unfortunately sometimes aren’t modeled by plus size women or smaller plus size women. Specific to this post, I think you’re referencing the pieces from eShakti, which offers sizes 0 – 36W, so they tend to use models on the smaller side, which is very typical in the industry. If you’d like some more plus size outfit ideas with images on plus size women, you can check out my Pinterest “Plus Size Fashion” board and from there you’ll find a lot of plus size bloggers modeling clothes. Or if you give me a better idea of what you are looking for, I could probably recommend some other plus size bloggers to you. Just let me know how I can be helpful! Thanks! 🙂

  1. Would love to see what else you purchased. Love eshakti, I had the make a bride’s maid dress for me using my personal measurement. Fabulous quality

  2. I love your style! Could you possibly do a roundup of cute (& affordable, considering they don’t get worn long term!) plus-size maternity clothing? It’s so hard to find stylish clothing when you’re pregnant & plus-size. I’m currently 17 weeks & can’t find anything!

  3. Have never bought cothing online and wonder about the fit being tight. If I measure a 42 waist and a 48 hip, how do I account for my stomach pouch if the pants are nit elastic band. Have such a hard time with clothing as a five foot tall woman. Am 185 pounds at five feet even with a pear shape.

    1. Hi Theresa,
      At five foot tall, you should be shopping plus size petites. You can find a list of retailers with a plus size petite section here. Also, Torrid has “short” and “extra short” inseams. You can also look into eShakti, as I mentioned in the post, you can get the clothes custom sized, which will probably be really helpful.

      When buying online, always check the retailers size chart to be sure you’re getting the correct size. Also, look at reviews of the item(s) to see if people are saying they run large or small.

      I hope that helps!

    1. Thanks, Robin! I am excited too! But I know everyone will be very stylish and rocking designer clothes. I looked at photos from years’ past conferences and saw that practically everyone was wearing Valentino Rockstud stilettos and Gucci bags! I’m really disappointed that so little of my wardrobe currently fits me at the moment and that I have to wear supportive flat shoes because of my back injury! Waah! But I’ve decided I’ve just got to do me. I also will be representing for the plus size gals and that’s most important! 🙂

  4. you just always seem to amaze me with your enthusiastic mindset. i love them all. Great job as always!

  5. Would love to see what else you found…especially at Amazon. I’ve been hesitant to make purchases there and have had a hard time weeding through to find good pieces. Thanks!

  6. Yes, please the rest rest of your haul. One question though. In a previous post you shared earrings from Amazon that mimic Kendra Scott earrings. I was surprised you used the more expensive version in this post.

    1. Hi Suzette,
      I included some Kendra Scott earrings because I already own the 2 pair I featured. And these outfits are literally what I am putting together to wear for a conference, which includes items I already own. Even the images of the outfits are just images I had created for myself as a “guide” to help plan what I am going to wear. I hadn’t planned on sharing it at all at first. (It is rather sloppy looking, so I added some text). And I tried to indicate everything I already have in my collection with “{already owned}.” Then I linked to the KS knock offs in case my readers wanted to see a less expensive alternative. I hope that made sense!

  7. Always, please, more details. Love to here about resources and with your photos, my wardrobe is really improving.

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