Straight Size to Plus Size – Kate Hudson’s Outfit

A wintry plus size tunic sweater outfit inspired by Kate Hudson

I came across this image on Pinterest, which has the same basic pieces as the “Straight Size to Plus Size” look that I recently published

So it was a no-brainer, I needed to put together this look too!

Kate Hudson's Outfit

My Disclaimer

As I’ve said, these “Straight Size to Plus Size” posts are some of my most popular, but I also get complaints that the “models” in the images aren’t plus sized.  

I just wanted to give a little background of why I do these types of posts: We are all inundated everyday by images of thin celebrities, models, and bloggers sporting the “latest looks,” i.e. clothing that doesn’t come in our size.

So I try to take these “unattainable” images and prove that, in fact, with some effort, plus size women can put these hot looks together.  They are attainable!  

And I try to take the effort, i.e. searching everywhere for the pieces, out of the equation.  So as always, my main goal is to inspire and empower.

Plus Size Tunic Sweaters

The key to this look was finding some plus size sweaters that are long enough to wear with leggings.  And I found several! 

In addition to the one featured below, I also found some more plus size tunic length sweaters:

 My Favorite Ponte Leggings

While any ponte leggings will do, I wanted to mention my favorite ones.

These leggings are stretchy enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough to maintain their shape. 

And they are thick enough to look smoother than a typical legging.  

Many readers have emailed me to say how much they love these leggings as I have been recommending them for years now!

However, if you are petite, try these.  For tall, try these.

Wide Calf Boots

I am fairly certain that Kate is wear a tall motorcycle boot. 

In the post itself, I added some wide calf riding boots with buckles.  I think either type can work, but obviously the motorcycle boot is a bit “edgier.”

Straight Size to Plus Size – Kate Hudson’s Outfit

Straight Size to Plus Size - Kate Hudson's Outfit - Winter Outfit Idea - Biker Jacket, Tunic Sweater, Leggings, Wide Calf Boots - Alexa Webb

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11 thoughts on “Straight Size to Plus Size – Kate Hudson’s Outfit

  1. Love love this look but as a person who cannot wear anything with a turtleneck because I run the risk of looking like Uncle Fester(think Addams Family) I was wondering if this could be pulled off with a crew neck or v neck.

    1. Of course! Add a scarf that is loosely tied to elongate torso and add height. Could keep it monochromatic or add some color/pattern.

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