Plus Size White Jeans Outfit

Years ago I wore a blue and white floral dress with hot pink accessories and shoes to a wedding.  Keep in mind I wanted to look my very best because I would be seeing my ex and his new girlfriend for the first time since we broke up.  I think you know the type of situation I’m talking about.  Before the event you imagine how it is going to go repeatedly in your head.

You see your ex and your mutual friends while walking into the church.  You smile with a lit-from-within-glow on your face as the sun perfectly hits your skin (secret: it’s actually your new favorite powder and self-tanner), a light breeze blows your hair softly and your new highlights glisten, and The Isley Brothers’ “Who’s That Lady” magically starts playing as you walk by.

So, it didn’t go exactly like that, but I did feel like a million bucks.  Plus, people complimented me all day, which was amazing!  Long story short, that day white, blue, and hot pink became one of my favorite color combinations.   And that look came to mind when putting together this plus size white jeans outfit.

By the way, in hot weather you can swap out the white jeans for a white or blue denim skirt or white shorts.

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Plus Size White Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Summer White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Summer Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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