Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites

My plus size work-from-home favorites for 2022.  

After my 2020 plus size work from home ideas & tips post was such a hit, I decided it was about time to give you an update on my favorites.

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites with loungewear sweats and other esssentials for working from home (WFH) by Alexa Webb.

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.  Also, some items have been gifted as detailed below.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I have several blue light blocking glasses and love them. 

If you haven’t heard of this latest “trend,” these glasses block blue light that comes from screens. 

They are supposed to help prevent eye-strain, headaches, and other ill-effects of staring at screens all day.

Blue light can also affect your circadian rhythm. 

If you are using screens (tv, computer, phone, etc) at night, theoretically, the blue light, which signals it’s daytime to your brain, can cause delayed sleep and insomnia.

That is my main reason for trying blue light blocking glasses.

I work late at night and have always struggled with my circadian rhythm.  I will try anything that might help. 

So far, I think they do reduce my eye-strain and I have noticed fewer issues falling asleep.  I can’t say it is definitively the glasses, but they can’t hurt!

I started my love affair with blue light blocking glasses when I found some stylish ones for just on Amazon for 10 bucks!

You can see me wearing them here.


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Designer Inspired Glasses

And then I saw these which are just like my favorite sunglasses but with blue light blocking lenses!

In case you haven’t heard me mention these sunnies, they are quite similar to my fave Celine glasses but at a much better price!

Um, also, can we say Anna Delvey vibes?  Hello!

These glasses in black look much like Anna Delvey’s Celine glasses in Netflix’s “Inventing Anna.”

Have you seen this show?  Although entertaining, it was also infuriating! 

Don’t even get me started on toxic people and narcissism.  Lol.

Anyway, they also come in a beautiful tortoise which I love with this muted aqua color of the plus size sweatsuit.

Chic Plus Size Sweats

So can we talk about this sweatsuit?  First, it’s totally on-trend.

As I mentioned in my Instagram Live on spring trends, matching sets and pastels are trending.

In fact, we talked about some concerns about being head to toe in one color.

I think this particular set is better than most because of the top’s surplice neckline.  It’s so much more flattering than a crewneck!

And there are more matching pieces to mix and match:

Plus Size Lounge Bra

I also threw in my favorite plus size lounging bra.  

They offer light support while still being comfortable enough to relax or even sleep in!

That said, I personally do not wear them outside of my house.  They just do not provide me with enough support, shaping, or lift to go around in public.

My only complaint is I have found the sizing to be inconsistent between colors.

Normally that would be a deal-breaker for me, but they’re inexpensive and so good that I’m willing to overlook this issue.

For some reason, the color “Private Jet” seems to fit me best.  My theory is it has more room or stretch in the cups.

Also, these lace-trimmed bras which look identical run much smaller, so I avoid them.

Sadly I have a feeling these comfy bras are being discontinued.  If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites - Outfit with comfortable loungewear. A plus size wrap-style sweatshirt in pastel aqua and matching sweats. Perfect for working from home or louging in style! Alexa Webb


And for jewelry, I went with simple and trendy: turquoise stud earrings and a gold rope chain necklace layered over a pendant necklace with a turquoise stone.

The rope chain necklace is made by PAVOI, which I’ve mentioned many times before.

You can find PAVOI on Amazon, and must say the quality is really great for the prices!

I actually own a bunch of PAVOI pieces now.  I started with a couple of these thick gold hoops in the two larger sizes. 

I’m quite impressed. 

By the way, you can check out my Amazon store and follow me on Amazon!

Jewelry Care

These are inexpensive plated pieces so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.


As I said in my Instagram Live on spring trends, slides are also trending.

I’ve been rocking slides for a real long time.  The Adidas Adilette have been a long-time favorite.

But, I recently purchased these studded slides

I’m happy to report that they comfortably fit my wide width feet!

I usually wear a 7.5W but these in an 8 fit great!

For reference, I wear wide width in most shoes but sometimes I can get away with standard width.

I am closer to standard width than extra wide, for reference.

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites – Outfit

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites - Outfit with comfortable loungewear. A plus size wrap-style sweatshirt in pastel aqua and matching sweats. Perfect for working from home or louging in style! Alexa Webb

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More Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites

This is a bit of an updated list from my 2020 plus size work from home ideas & tips post

Some items are exactly the same, such as the folding desk and AirPods Pro earbuds.

And others are updates or better versions of the items I use daily.

Folding Desk

I now own three of these folding desks.  I’m a huge fan!

They are adjustable in height and fold up easily to be stored in a closet.  You can use it from your couch, any chair, or even a bed!

They’re also lightweight and easy to carry.  I take mine with me when traveling to visit family.  Trust me, it comes in handy!

And it is the perfect size for your laptop, a mouse, a drink, and other small essentials.   

I have purchased more expensive “fancier” laptop desks and by far like this less expensive folding one better.

It comes pre-assembled and folded.  So no need for tools. 


I find listening to music to be really helpful and motivating when working from home.

I have several pairs of headphones so that I’m always prepared. 

I always have these old school headphones on hand in case my bluetooth headphones run out of juice. 

As for my bluetooth headphones, I LOVE my AirPods Pro earbuds.

My mother gave them to me.  Best gift ever!

Aside from their excellent sound quality, they charge very quickly, and I always like to mention that they are very comfortable. 

That’s important because all other editions of Apple earbuds and headphones have been incredibly uncomfortable.  Some actually painful.

As an iPhone user, I can easily pair my AirPods with my phone and use the Find My app to keep track of them.

Using the Find My app, I can get my AirPods to play a sound to help me find them. 

But, if they’re far away, I can simply use the Find My app to track them down with GPS!  So handy!

Usinf the Find My app on an iPhone to track down lost AirPods Pro - Alexa Webb

Insulated Tumblers

And I am also obsessed with insulated tumblers!  I use them daily.  They keep my drinks hot or cold for hours and hours!

For a long time, my favorite insulated tumblers were the Yeti.  And they’re great!

But then I discovered Bubba.  And they’re better!

But, there’s a tradeoff.  The Yetis are easier to clean.  The slider on the lid is magnetic and snaps off for optimum cleaning.

However, Yetis are missing some of the key things that I love about the Bubbas.  For one, the Yeti lid tends to pop right off if you drop the tumbler.

You might not think this is a big deal, but if you’re accident-prone like me, you will end up with a rug soaked in iced latte if you’re not careful.  I know it because I have lived it, several times.  LOL.

The Bubba’s lids are very secure and you have to basically pry them off.  Also, the Bubba keeps drinks colder for longer.  I haven’t done experiments, but in my experience, this is the case.

But, the Bubbas use plastic straws which are a pain in the A to clean.  I recommend getting some of these.

However, when I saw these beauties from Vera Bradley, I knew I had to include them.  They’re so darn pretty!

Hand Cream

As I’ve mentioned many times, I am on a quest to find the best hand cream.  And I think I just might have found it!

L’Occitane’s Shea Hand Cream is incredible!

It’s thick but seems to absorb quickly.  It smells amazing.

And it actually moisturizes!  I think that’s because it is 20% shea butter.

Plus, it also comes in 2 scents: Vanilla and Hibiscus.

If you’re on the fence, consider trying a set of products to try.

Cozy Throw

I was gifted this cozy throw by Thrasio.  It is the softest blanket I’ve ever owned!

(And I am obsessed with Barefoot Dreams blankets, which are no longer the softest that I own!  What?!?!)

It’s machine washable.  Wash in cold water on delicate. 

I threw mine in the dryer on low briefly and then pulled it out as soon as it was “fluffy” and then hung it to completely dry.

So far, so good!

While we’re on the topic of my blanket loves, I want to mention that a Johnny Was blanket is on my wishlist.  

I have no idea if they’re soft, but they are SO pretty!


You can read all about my previous planner strategy here.  I recently asked you guys for planner recommendations in my IG stories.

I got a lot of recommendations.  So I decided to try 2 to start: the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Jordan Page Productivity Planner, except I bought the wrong one.  Lol.

I ended up getting the 8.5×11 Erin Condren Life Planner (or here), but they come in several sizes and configurations.

I’m very happy with my planner but wonder if I should have purchased the slightly smaller one.

I went a little nuts and bought some accoutrements including the Planny Pack.  You can view all that I purchased here.

While I am in love with the Planny Pack (why?  I’m honestly not sure.), it doesn’t fit my large 8.5×11 planner.  It is better suited for smaller planners.

But, it fits my Productivity planner perfectly.

I will offer more insights on this planner obsession later.

Desk Bike

I was gifted this desk bike by Thrasio and I love it!

I’ll be honest, at first, I was skeptical.  And when I saw the “senior fitness” description, I was nearly offended.  Lol.

But, I put this baby in front of a side chair in front of my tv and I was sold!

I have even used it while on my couch.  Even better, you can lean back and adjust the pedals to be like a recumbent bike. 

I love that because it’s easier on my lower back.

If you’re like me and feel like the pandemic has really had an impact on your fitness (or total lack thereof) this is a convenient and easy way to get in some exercise while you’re working or relaxing. 

And you can do it practically anywhere!

Desk Bike for Office and Home Fitness - Alexa Webb

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites

Plus Size Work-from-Home Favorites with loungewear sweats and other esssentials for working from home (WFH) by Alexa Webb.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I may receive a small commission.

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  1. You are amazing! Thank you, for all the time and effort you put into these posts! Until I found your blog I was so depressed- it seemed like I could never find any cute plus clothing! If I did find something I struggled to pull it together. Your blog has inspired me, and made me feel so much better about myself! I could not buy this ensemble fast enough!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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