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Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Alexa Webb Prom Dress

I had to design my prom dress.

This is my version of the “back in my day I’d have to walk shoe-less 5 miles uphill in the snow just to get to school…” story.  It’s the late ’90s.  I’m living (voluntarily) in the middle of nowhere.  The only local stores that sell clothing are K-mart, Walmart, and Belks.  In my opinion, none of these have anything to offer me.  In order to clothe myself I’d order from catalogs or have to drive 1 – 2 hours to a mall.  I would try to find modern cut jeans at the one plus size store and tops at the few stores that would carry larger sizes (read: above size 12).

I had given up on department stores altogether.  It was clear they did not want my business.

The clothes that fit me were put in the farthest, most remote section of the store.  Often I’d feel like I was going through a maze to find it, beyond the housewares, just after the dead quiet furniture section, there would be the “Women’s” department.  It was so silent you could hear a pin drop.  And if you did hear a noise, it was likely the sound of disappointment of the one other person who’d managed to find her way.  I’d pick through the racks of poor quality, misshapen, horribly designed garments in the hopes to find pieces that I could somehow transform into a “look.”

I’d like to think of these years and those that proceeded them as my training grounds.

My very supportive mother and me - Alexa Webb - About Me

My very supportive mother and I

When it comes to fashion, I’ve learned to be creative and think outside the box.  Because I had to work with the limitations of what was available, I developed the skill to envision the potential in the pieces I’d find.  I had to be persistent to express my style.  As a plus sized woman, I can’t simply open a fashion magazine and buy what I see.  I have to shop everywhere, sometimes the deepest corners of the earth, to put together an outfit.

And I knew I wasn’t alone.  I knew that there are a lot of us dealing with the same bullsh!t.

I started publishing on Polyvore and pinning on Pinterest to inspire other women like myself.  I wanted plus sized women to see that style and fashion is for them, it’s just going to take more effort than it should.  I wanted plus sized women to know that there are options and they can look amazing and express themselves with fashion.  I had always thought about starting a plus size fashion blog, but made excuses and never took the time.  Partly because I was afraid that no one would want to read what I have to say.  But after 13 million views on Polyvore and nearly 50,000 followers on Pinterest, I knew I could really offer something.  And so, I thought: no more excuses!  I should say something to my followers that I can’t take back.  So I posted this:

Should I Start A Plus Size Fashion Blog - Alexa Webb


I was overwhelmed and excited by the responses.  And I felt inspired.  I knew the issues being raised in the comments were things I could address.  And so now we’re here.

Please feel free to send me comments and questions.  You can also find me here:

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37 thoughts on “About Me

    1. hi alexa, saw ur design on pintrest…. i love ur collection… i m frm india…. is there any possibility to start ur brand here

  1. Hi Alexa-

    I follow you on everything and love how you remake outfits for those with more love*wink* Can you add some more business looks soon – everything is great for weekends but I struggle with workday outfits!

    Best wishes!!!

  2. Just found you and I’m excited! I’ve shared your struggle to find plus size clothes with some class! I’m so tired of that ‘one store’ I can find my size in limiting me to styles that are so not what I want. I’ll be following you for hints and help!! Love the weekend looks … that’s how I dress most of the time 🙂

  3. I am so excited I found you!!!! I absolutely love fashion but have found it hard to be stylish plus size woman in a super small sized world. Your blog has given so much inspiration! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  4. Hi Alexa. I discovered your ideas this week and am so inspired. Wish that I found you sooner. I am a casual kinda girl. But the workplace ideas are helpful too. Love, love, love ya!

  5. You have given me LIFE!!! I love fashion and everything about it, this has inspired me to get back to the ME that I lost somewhere through time! I am SO ready you have a NEW follower for life! Keep up the great work girl, you are an inspiration to many, to me at least!!!!

  6. I follow you on Pinterest and pin from you often. I am also a plus size women with the same issues as you. I also want to start a blog but it’s scary and confusing. I’m inspired by you daily. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jamaica! Thanks for you comment. I know what you mean about blogging, it IS scary and confusing! But I encourage you to try. Now I can say that I’m so glad that I did! Thank you!

  7. Would love to see you help design outfits for dia.co I subscribe to them but would love them to have your input!
    Jenn from Maine

  8. I recently started following you on Pinterest and became more and more interested in what you were posting. Love your style! Started following blog today. One question I do have is several of the places you get your items from are catalogs I haven’t heard of. Do they all run pretty true to size?
    Thanks for thinking about us “curvy” girls!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I work in a wonderful office full of beautiful women who all LOVE fashion! However, I am a beautiful woman that struggles to have a “fashion conversation” because I don’t feel like fashion applied to me…until today, this very moment when I found your blog and I too could join the conversation about what style spoke to me!! I am very excited as I start exploring all that you put out here and the “whole new world” that lives outside of my confines of Lane Bryant (that I struggle to afford) and the occasional dept store find! Again, thank you and I look forward to continuing to be inspired!

  10. I could have written exactly what you have written! Except I think I may be a little older… The prom dress I came up with and had to have made was in the “early” 90’s! 🙂 I have always wanted to just go in to stores that my friends shopped at and buy what I wanted! Most of my friends were really well dressed and I managed to do what I could but yes!!! It was a huge struggle! I love your looks on Pinterest and every time I see an outfit I love it’s usually something you pinned! 🙂 Definitely looking forward to following your blog! Love your more casual looks.. Sweaters, jeans, boots, etc… Thank you for doing what you do!

  11. Hey Alexa-
    Love your outfits. So refreshing to see options beyond what certain stores tell us to wear! Also love when you do a “knowledge” piece, such as the proportions one. I do much better when I understand the basic concepts behind why outfits work or don’t.
    Here’s a slightly different request – offer a tutorial on using polyvore to create outfits. I’m finding it a bit daunting but if lots of us tried creating some outfits there, we’d expand the community.

  12. I found you through Polyvore, also.
    May I ask why you never seem to show yourself in outfits?

    Thank you and keep posting!

  13. Just found you and I’m excited! I can find my size in limiting me to styles that are so not what I want. I’ll be following you because you are amazing !!!!! I love it !!!!!
    Can we order from Belgium please!!!!!


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