18 Plus Size Coats

In the winter outerwear becomes the center of attention.  You may be wearing a killer outfit, but the first thing people will see is the coat you’re wearing over it.  So if you don’t have a coat [or collection of coats, like me] that you love, now is the time to find one.  End of the year sales are a great time to shop for winter gear.  Below is a collection of some of the prettiest plus size coats out there, including one of my favorites that I own in white, red, and black!  When I find a style I love, I buy all the colors!  It’s the highest quality coat I own and its lined in leopard!

Most of these coats also come in black if you aren’t into colors.  But I am all about color!  People often stop me on the street in a magenta coat to ask me where its from.  Sadly its no longer made; I am taking it for repairs to try to extend its life.  Everyone should love their coat that much!

18 Plus Size Coats

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