Plus Size Khaki Moto Jeans Outfit

Khaki is an easy color to wear.  Just treat it as a neutral, like denim blue or leopard print.  

These plus size khaki moto jeans are a sure bet for years of season-less wear.   In this outfit I added a bright spring scarf with one of my fave tees and a denim jacket. A simple and easy combination!  You really can’t go wrong.  

To add some trendiness, I added these oversized mirrored aviators, a leopard clutch, and lace-up peep toed booties.  

Now the outfit has gone from classic to head-turning.

Many [many] years ago, I had an art professor who demanded his students draw one self-portrait and one copy of a famous piece each and every day.  Why?  Because of that old adage, “practice makes perfect.”  Aside from not wanting to spend that much time each day on a class I was only taking to fill a gen ed requirement, I thought this was just silly.  After all, art is about talent, right?  I said this aloud one day in class.  My professor looked at me extremely annoyed.  He then gathered up the whole class, interrupting everyone’s work, to tell them this: Art is mostly about skill, only about twenty percent talent.  Skill is everything.  Practice is what it takes.  The rest of the class nodded their heads in agreement.  But, I still didn’t believe him.

Now, having spent many years designing jewelry, styling outfits, and engaging in other creative endeavors, I can easily say he was right.  I believe him wholeheartedly.  Too bad I was too hard headed to believe him at the time.  But, that is a whole other conversation! πŸ˜‰  My point is:

If you want to dress yourself well or be a fashionista, it’s all about skill.

Even the most fashion-challenged can learn styling skills.  Maybe you’re like my younger self, thinking, “yeah right!”  But, stick with me.  You’ll see.

Plus Size Khaki Moto Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Khaki Moto Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Spring Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women -

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