Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men

Looking for last minute gifts? Amazon is a great option, especially if you have Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men

Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men - Alexa Webb

More details below.  Shop by number.

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Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men

Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men - Alexa Webb

Shop the Gifts 

1 – Polo Full Zip Hoodie, here or here – (less $ similar) Sizes S – 2X.

2 – Beard Wash and Conditioner Set – For those men in your life with beards!

3 – Beard Trimmer and Clipper Kit – For those men in your life with beards (or want to have beards)!

4 – Leatherman Multitool – If the men (or women) in your life don’t already have a multi-tool, I highly recommend one! 

I keep mine in the car.  I’ve used it to change my headlight in a Walmart parking lot, pull the plastic covers off my lug nuts so I could change my tire (why did anyone put plastic over them, seriously?), cut stray threads from a Bridesmaid’s dress en route to a wedding, open beer bottles while camping, and countless other things. 

 I have a feeling the dudes in your life would love one of these!

5 – Quarter Zip Sweater – (similar, less $ similar)

6 – Plaid Fleece Pajama Pants – Sizes S – 5X.  Who doesn’t love plaid PJ pants?

7 – Plaid Fleece Pajama Pants – Sizes S – 5X.

8 – Cooler Backpack – Great for any outing in which a cold sixer would be nice.

9 – Ascot Slipper – You can never go wrong with leather or shearling.  And you’re always right with those two combined!

10 – Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses – Classic.  Iconic.  “Top Gun.”  More than enough reasons for any man to love these aviators.

11 – Fleece Plush Robe – Sizes S – XL.

12 – Insulated Lunch Container – Sleek for keeping lunches hot (or cold).

13 – Cashmere Scarf – (less $ similar) One of my life philosophies is that you can never go wrong with giving someone cashmere.

14 – Bluetooth Portable Record Player –  For those with vinyl collections (or who want to have a vinyl collection).  If he’s like my friend Dan, then nothing sounds better than vinyl!

15 – Sherpa Lined Fleece Sweatshirt – Sizes S – 2X.

16 – Henley Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Sizes S – 2X.

17 – Garmin Forerunner Watch 

18 – Leather Travel Duffel Bag –  You can’t go wrong with this luxury item.  He’ll look classy as hell with a leather bag, no matter where he’s headed.

19 – Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablet 

20 – Plaid Fleece Pajama Pants – Sizes S – 5X.

Amazon Prime – Gifts for Men - Alexa Webb

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