Gifts Under $35 : Gold + Glam

As I have been trying to put together my gift lists and wishlists for this holiday season, I decided to put together some lists for you that won’t break the bank, but are sure to make your giftee feel extra special!Gifts Under $35 - Gift Ideas -

  1. Gold Dot Planner.  I might have 3 google calendars and 2 outlook calendars syncing with my phone, but ultimately, I need a paper calendar to get a handle on things.  Something about a pen (maybe a couple of overachieving highlighters) and paper to make things “real” for my overtaxed brain.  And if I am going to run around with a planner, it best be cute!  And this planner is adorbs!
  2. Glittery Nail Polish.  There’s something special about high-end beauty products that make me swoon!  I would likely not splurge on most things I covet, but boy do I love it when someone splurge’s on me!  This nail polish‘s bottle is a treasure to keep on your vanity!
  3. Tassel Key Fob.  I have a similar leather tassel key fob, which a) makes it easier to find my keys (yesss!) but also b) makes me feel glamorous every time I have to unlock a door.  In my opinion, that makes this key fob priceless!
  4. Jewelry Tray.  Perfect for a bedside table for rings and pretty things!
  5. Pillow.  The great thing about metallics is they can fit in and pop out of practically any decor.  This sweet pillow is sure shine this holiday season!
  6. Wall Art.  I’m not usually into inspirational art work, but I feel a little happier just looking at this print.
  7. Thermal Mug.  As a caffeine-aholic, a chic thermal mug is right up my alley.  Pretty and practical.
  8. Stud Earrings.  These beauties have been on my wishlist (in every color) for quite a while.  No gift list would be complete without them.
  9. Candle.  I was introduced to this line of candles years ago at the International Gift Fair in NYC.  I was immediately smitten.  The scents are to die for, the packaging is as glam as it gets and the quality is unmet.  (I hope someone takes the hint and gifts one to me! *wink*)

Check back soon for more gift ideas or follow me on pinterest for more inspiration!

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