Glam Gifts for Her – Plus Size Edition

A curated collection of glam gifts for her.

Everything from pajamas to a luxury blow dryer…

Glam Gifts for Her – Plus Size Edition

Glam Gift Ideas for Her – Plus Size Edition - Alexa Webb - Plus Size Christmas Gift Guide

These gifts are glamorous, a little sexy, and totally luxurious. 

You can read all about them below. 

Perfect for the woman in your life or just to treat yo’ self!

Glam Gifts for Her – Plus Size Edition

Glam Gift Ideas for Her – Plus Size Edition - Alexa Webb - Plus Size Christmas Gift Guide

I know a lot of these gift ideas are the same I’ve recommended in the past. 

But for good reason: they’re great gifts!

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Glam Gifts for Her – Plus Size Edition

Glam Gift Ideas for Her – Plus Size Edition - Alexa Webb - Plus Size Christmas Gift Guide

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1 – Plus Size Cozy Plush Long Robe – Sizes 1X-3X

2 – Blush Bra or here – Full coverage bra with super sexy vibes.

2 – Blush Panties  or here– Sizes M – 4X

3 – Plus Size Floral Lace Robe – Sizes 1X-3X

4 – Chunky Hoop Earrings – My favorite hoop earrings you have heard me mention many many times.  I love these and have them in every size.  The quality is really great for the price! 

5 – Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks – The softest and coziest socks I have ever encountered.  I love mine!  Wash cold, dry fluff only.  No heat.

6 – YSL Lipstick in “Nude Lingerie or here – My favorite lipstick.  I know you have probably already heard me go on and on about these, but they’re fantastic!  Yes, they’re bonkers expensive and no one “needs” them, ever.  But, they’re 65% oil and feel amazing on the lips!  Not to mention they smell fantastic.  Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that I actually bought a lipstick holder, like this one, to display them.  And I just can’t say enough great things about them!

7 – Plus Size 3-Piece Cardi Pajamas – Sizes 1X-3X

8 – Silk Pillowcase –  I gifted one of these to my mom and she loves it! 

While this may seem like a ridiculous gift, a silk pillow case is really great for mature women and those with thinning hair.  Because it is to smooth and “slippery” this pillowcase won’t snag delicate hair and skin, which can result in damage and breakage. 

Also, it can prevent “bed head,” which can extend the life of a blowout, which becomes more important as we age because using heat can be so drying and damaging to delicate thinning hair. 

And because the pillow case is made from natural silk, it breathes, which helps your giftee sleep more comfortably and prevents overheating. 

Personally, as a woman with thinning hair issues, I can say this is a great investment for anyone dealing with thin hair, dry hair, dry skin, or even menopausal hot flashes. 

It’s a luxury item that she might not get for herself, but would love to have!

9 – Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Set – Everything you need in the iconic and universally flattering shade “Pillow Talk.”  Pro tip: this lip shade is a great choice for overlining your lips since it is such a natural color.

10 – MICHELE Two Tone Watch – This watch has been on my wish list for quite some time.  I love that it’s two-toned so it will look great with gold or silver.

11 – Silk Sleep Mask – Goes great with #8.

12 – UGG Cozy Slippers – Shearling lined luxuries.

13 – Sequin Beanie – Stay warm while glamorous with this sequined beanie hat.  It has a removable pom pom.

14 – Beaded Fringe Statement Earrings

15 – BVLGARI Perfume – A new favorite.  It’s a sophisticated floral.

16 – Hair Blow Dryer or here 

17 – Flat Ironhere, here, or here (wider) – As I said, the hair straightener is an item I am on a lifelong holy-grail-type-quest to find the ultimate one. Trust me, I know a thing or two about the (pardon the pun) hottest flat irons on the market!

Its claim to fame is its “predictive technology.” Somehow the iron monitors the heat of both plates, checking it 250 times per second to ensure that the temperature is consistent and adaptive.

And I swear, it really works!  As I mentioned my hair is fried.  Like seriously, fried.

Somehow this magical iron knows what temperature to use for each section preventing me from overheating and further damaging my hair.  But still gets the job done quite quickly.  Now that’s impressive!

It also has a unique “wishbone hinge” that I’ve never seen before which allows it to glide easily over my fragile hair and even curl it!  I’m telling you, it’s a winner!

18 – Silk Camisole – Sizes XS-3X.  100% silk. Enough said.

18 – Silk Panties – Sizes XXS-3X

19 – Plus Size Cozy 3-Piece Pajama Set – Sizes 1X-3X

20 – Kate Spade Stud Earrings Classic timeless style.

21 – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Face Palette – Beautiful luxuriously finely-milled powders for the face: finishing powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter all in one! 

Hourglass releases a limited edition face pallet each holiday season.  And it sells out very quickly each year because they are amazing!

Again, this is a luxury item, no doubt.  But, it is an item that if you “treat yo’ self” with, you will have no regrets.

If you’re looking for an extremely natural look highlighter, try this powder in “Luminous Light,” which is my favorite Hourglass item.  It has this incredible ability to give you that “lit from within” glow.

22 – Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette, here, or here – (smaller) A classic palette with quality shadows.  “Trick” is one of my favorite eye shadow shades of all time.

23 – Ring –  Sizes 4.5-11.  So simple and beautiful.  I bought it for myself this summer and love it!

24 – Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Set – I have been wanting the Charlotte Tilbury “Magic Cream” for awhile, but it is so expensive I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. 

But, during the Sephora sale, I picked up the smallest size.  And wow!   This thing is a miracle worker for my dry skin.  Looks great under makeup.

This set is a great way to try it out at a great price.

25 – Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses or here

26 – Pajama Set – Sizes XXS-3X

27 – Barefoot Dreams Cozy Throw Blanket – I currently have 2 of these on my couch.  I know I talk about this brand all the time, but they’re so luxurious and soft!  I have the leopard print version in indigo.  I love it!

See more of the coziest Barefoot Dreams throw and blankets.

28 – Cashmere Scarf

29 – Nike Blush Sneakers, here or here

30 – Kate Spade Stud Earrings

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