The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend

This is a post sponsored by Walmart and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

What’s better than giving the gift of style?  Receiving the gift of style!

Let me explain…

Holiday Help

Each holiday season I ask you guys (my audience) how I can be of service.

Typically I try to save y’all time by finding the things you need: plus size holiday outfits, plus size party dressesplus size party tops, and even gift ideas with various gift guides.

I figure if I can save you time and hopefully stress, I’ve done my job!

But, I often hear a lot of “I told my husband to buy me this outfit” or “I sent my spouse to your site for ideas.”

Point being, I realized that another way I can be helpful is to create a post for to help your loved ones find gifts for you!

I think I did this once, but it’s been a long time.

So this year I decided to make it a series!   And this is the first post of the series and is sponsored by Walmart.

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend Outfit and Gift Ideas by Alexa Webb. A plus size khaki green puffer jacket with a buffalo plaid sweater, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and crossbody bag plus other accessories perfect for a weekend getaway. Alexa Webb

Gift Ideas for You – Plus Size Alpine Weekend

These gift ideas are meant for you, dear readers! 

So you can send this post to your loved one(s) and they can feel inspired to gift you some awesome things!

The theme of this first post of the series is “plus size alpine weekend.”

These gifts are great for travel to the mountains or a wintry destination. 

Hint: In case your loved one(s) wants to whisk you away to an alpine resort, they can gift you come relevant items for the trip!

Of course, some of these gifts are great for travel in general.  And some are just great, period.

Walmart’s Gift Finder

Now before we get into it, let me say that if you came here for gifts for someone other than yourself, I highly recommend you check out Walmart’s Gift Finder.  This thing is awesome!

Find gifts for everyone on your list!  You can sort by gender, age, the giftee’s interest, and even general helpful categories like “teacher appreciation.” 

And I am SO impressed with the selection!

Fair warning though, you’ll likely find a lot of things for yourself too.  I did!

Please Send this Post to Your Loved Ones

Ok, dear readers, I am now going to sign off with you.  

So, please send this post to any loved ones in need of gift ideas for you.

Please tell them to start reading the “For the Loved Ones” section.

From this point forward, I will be speaking directly to them.

For the Loved Ones

Hello.  You likely received this blog post from someone you care about.

I hear you’re in need of some gifts ideas for her.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! 

By the way, my name is Alexa and your giftee is likely a regular reader of my blog.

In case you didn’t skim above, the whole point of this particular blog post is to help you find some great gifts for her.

I’m going to try my best to walk you through all of my suggestions while being thorough but not overwhelming.

Ok, leggo!

The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend - Alexa Webb. Gift ideas for the women in your life including travel gifts and winter outfits from Walmart. Alexa Webb

In case you didn’t catch the vibe, this particular post is themed: Alpine Weekend. 

I thought you might (hint) want to take your giftee away for a wintry weekend of fun.

But, even if you’re in sunny California and have no plans to leave your temperate climate, there are a lot of gift ideas that your giftee is still going to love!

The Gift of Style – Tech & Travel

Nothing is more stylish than having yourself together!  Am I right?

If you’ve ever wandered around looking for your keys or worse, your luggage at baggage claim, you know that’s not a good look.

Save your giftee time, stress, and potential embarrassment with AirTags!

If your giftee has an iPhone, she can easily pair AirTags with her phone.

AirTags can go on her keys with a beautiful leather key ring.  Or on her luggage with a leather loop (or brown),

Tip: I recommend the leather loop over the standard loop, which is plastic and has been poorly rated.

AirTags can play a sound if she’s nearby to help her find her item.  But, if she’s far away she can simply use the “Find My” app to track it down!  

By the way, the AirTag and Find My app uses Apple’s Find My network anonymously and encrypted for privacy.

But, even Android users can help your giftee track down her lost item!

If your giftee has an Android phone, you should check out a similar Bluetooth tracker called Tile

My understanding is that they’re very similar!

AirPods Pro

Clearly, I am an iPhone user, which is how I was introduced to the Find My app.

I use it to keep track of my AirPods Pro

I actually mentioned these in my last gift guide.  Also in my 2021 Mother’s Day gift guide.

My mother gave me a pair and I love them! 

Aside from their excellent sound quality, they charge very quickly, and 

I always like to mention that they are very comfortable. 

That’s important because all other editions of Apple earbuds and headphones have been incredibly uncomfortable.  Some actually painful.

They also use the Find My app which has been very handy!

Walmart currently has them available at an incredible price!


Of course, if you’re taking your giftee on any type of trip, make sure she’s got luggage

I have a set very similar to these spinners and I love them!

I purchased them for a trip in which I was flying across the country.

But now I use them far more than I thought I would.

They’re so easy to pack and I love that I can wheel them anywhere. 

No more throwing my back out slinging a huge duffle bag over my shoulder!

You should also make sure your giftee has some cosmetic bags to pack her essentials.

The Gift of Style – Beauty

That brings us to some beauty items I want to point out.

Continuing on our travel theme, I wanted to suggest a face palette for your giftee.

While I haven’t tried these Milani All-Inclusive palettes, I find Milani to be a quality brand.

These palettes are great for travel because they have eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and highlight.

And they come in two variations: one for light to medium skin tones and one for medium to deep skin tones.

If you’re not sure what your giftee needs, it might be better to err on the side of too light since you can often build up color as needed.

Throw in one of these gorgeous eyeshadow palettes if you really want to wow her! 

These are highly rated and YouTubers have been raving about them.

And lastly, consider my favorite Milani blush in “Luminoso.” 

I think anyone with light to medium skin tones would appreciate it. 

Consider the shade “Rose D’oro” for deeper complexions.

Hair Styling Tools

I also want to mention a couple of hair styling tools.

Practically every woman in my life has been talking about this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer.

It’s an easy way to get volume and that “blow out” effect with the least amount of effort.

If your giftee, like me, struggles to use a round brush and blow dryer simultaneously, this One-Step Hair Dryer is the answer!

Oh yeah, and you can’t beat the price!

Flat Irons

The hair straightener is an item I am on a lifelong holy-grail-type-quest to find the ultimate one. 

Trust me, I know a thing or two about the (pardon the pun) hottest flat irons on the market!

Right now everyone has gone bonkers over the Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron and the ghd Platinum Plus Styler flat Iron.

I have them both.  See, I told you I know all about them!  

The Bio Ionic iron‘s claim to fame is its vibrating plates that make the hair smoother.

It also has volcanic minerals infused in its plates to help with moisture and shine.

But I don’t like it.  Or at least, I have yet to find anything about it to be worth its price tag.

The vibration seems to do nothing.  And the plates aren’t as slick as I like.

Now maybe that’s just because I have fine and highly damaged hair. 

Regardless, I say unless your giftee has asked for it by name, avoid it.

On the other hand, the ghd Platinum Plus iron is pretty darn good!  

Its claim to fame is its “predictive technology.” 

Somehow the iron monitors the heat of both plates, checking it 250 times per second to ensure that the temperature is consistent and adaptive.

And I swear, it really works!  As I mentioned my hair is fried.  Like seriously, fried.

Somehow this magical iron knows what temperature to use for each section preventing me from overheating and further damaging my hair.

But still gets the job done quite quickly.  Now that’s impressive!

It also has a unique “wishbone hinge” that I’ve never seen before which allows it to glide easily over my fragile hair and even curl it!

I’m telling you, it’s a winner!

The Gift of Style – Fashion

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend Outfit and Gift Ideas by Alexa Webb. A plus size khaki green puffer jacket with a buffalo plaid sweater, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and crossbody bag plus other accessories perfect for a weekend getaway. Alexa Webb

So it’s highly likely that your giftee reads my blog for fashion advice and outfit ideas.

Meaning this section is an important one, so pay attention!  ?

Silver or Gold

The jewelry, sunglasses, and even the handbags’ hardware come in both silver and gold.

And that is on purpose, my new friend.

If your giftee wears more silver and/or has a cool undertone, choose the silver options.

But, if your giftee wears more gold, she likely has a warmer undertone and will look best in the gold options.

You might have to do some snooping or even espionage to figure out what your giftee likes better. 

I’m kidding about the espionage, well kind of. 

The pave diamond hoop earrings, which come in three sizes, and four finishes, including rose gold and “black,” which is more like gunmetal.

Now, you can never go wrong with diamonds.  Trust me.

But, if that’s not in your budget, check out these similar pave crystal hoops.

Add a crystal tennis bracelet and a silver or gold Michael Kors watch to complete the look.

Bags & Sunglasses

Now I know I have likely already overwhelmed you with options.  But stick with me, we’re in the home stretch!

The Michael Kors crossbody bag with chain strap is a classic any woman would love.

There is also a matching wallet.  All of them come with either silver or gold hardware.

The classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses also come in silver or gold.

Pssst, it’s ok to have both! 


Wow, can you believe we’re just now getting around to talking about the clothes?

While I show you different specific outfit ideas below, these fashion pieces can all be mixed and matched.  That’s the best part!

No matter which pieces, if any, you decide on for your giftee, she can wear them in any combination!

My only caveat is that your giftee might only feel comfortable in the faux leather leggings with a sweater that’s long enough to cover her bum.  

The turtleneck and camo sweaters are long enough.   The buffalo plaid isn’t.

However, if you want to get your giftee the faux leather leggings and a buffalo plaid, consider this “shacket.”

In case you’re not aware, the “shacket” is a current trend and a silly word for a shirt-jacket.

You can read more about them and how to wear them here and here.

Ok, so if I haven’t completely overwhelmed you, check out some of the outfits I put together:

The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend 1

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend Outfit and Gift Ideas by Alexa Webb. A plus size red puffer jacket with a turtleneck tunic sweater, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and crossbody bag plus other accessories perfect for a weekend getaway. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend 2

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend Outfit and Gift Ideas by Alexa Webb. A plus size black puffer jacket with a camo sweater, faux leather leggings, hiker boots, and crossbody bag plus other accessories perfect for a weekend getaway. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Plus Size Black Puffer Jacket (similar, similar, vest)

Plus Size Camo Sweater (similar)

Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings (similar, similar, thick leggings)

The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend 3

The Gift of Style - Plus Size Alpine Weekend Outfit and Gift Ideas by Alexa Webb. A plus size khaki green puffer jacket with a buffalo plaid sweater, skinny jeans, hiker boots, and crossbody bag plus other accessories perfect for a weekend getaway. Alexa Webb

Shop the Look

Plus Size Green Puffer Jacket (similar, similar, vest)

Plus Size Buffalo Plaid Sweater (similar, similar, similar)

Plus Size Black Jeggings (similar, similar, petite, petite)

I hope you find something amazing for my readers (your giftee). 

I think we can both agree, they’re just the best and deserve some awesome gifts!  Right?

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest boards and my Instagram!  Oh and please “like” my blog on Facebook!

Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Walmart and also contains affiliate links, which means if you click on or purchase through certain links, I will receive a small commission.

7 thoughts on “The Gift of Style – Plus Size Alpine Weekend

  1. Based on your past recommendations, I’ve tried out a few items from Walmart and been very pleased. As for requests, I’d love to find comfortable ballet flats. I find most make feet slide forward, squashing my toes. Then my heels slip out. Plus even the good ones have little arch support. It’s a weird problem to have!

    1. Hi JoAnn,
      That’s great to hear! As for the flats, do you need wide width? Sadly, that makes a big difference as there are much fewer options in wide. Let me know!

  2. Wow another great find of holiday gifts! Last year I bought your suggestions of throws and candles. My ladies loved them!
    Thank you so much for always finding wonderful gift and fashion ideas!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am headed to ski resort in February desperately looking for outfits. this was so helpful.

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