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How to Shop My Instagram & Use - #alexawebbAre you following me on Instagram?  If you aren’t, please do.  (Pretty please!  😉 ).  If you don’t use Instagram, you can skip this post as it is all about the ways to shop my Instagram feed!  For those “doin’ it for the ‘gram,” here are several ways to get to the good stuff quickly!  Each way has both pros and cons, but once you know how to get the info you want, it’s easy peasy!

How to Shop my Instagram

1- Go Directly to the Post.

The first way is to go directly to my post, which you can easily do, by clicking my profile (see yellow arrow in photo) which will always have the link to my latest blog post.  So, click (profile), click (link in profile), and bam!  You’re at the full post with my wanna-be-witty-banter and links to EVERYTHING in the post PLUS alternatives, such as similar items, less expensive similar items, and even sometimes extended sized similar items.  Even wide width shoe options!  Oh boy!  That’s a lot!


  • More to read and know
  • Get links to everything
  • Get links to alternatives


  • Have to sift through a bunch of info
  • Takes more time if you are just interested in one item

Side note:  You can also subscribe here to receive my new full posts via email.

How to Shop My Instagram & Use - #alexawebb2- Use

First off, I apologize that this post is probably unbelievably late.  Over a year ago some of you asked for me to get for my Instagram and although I have been using it pretty often since then, I never bothered to explain how it might be helpful!  So I asked if you guys wanted to see this post and you overwhelmingly said yes. So, I will explain what is and the several ways you can use it to shop my Instagram.

As I hope you already know, I use affiliate links on the blog, which are links that if you, my readers, click on or purchase through, I may receive a small commission.  It doesn’t add a cost to you and you are under no obligation to click or purchase through the links.  Also, I disclose that I use affiliate links on every post so you know what’s up.  If you want more information about my policies, please go here.

All of that said, one of the affiliate programs I belong to, rewardStyle, created, an app and email subscription service, to allow readers (you guys) to shop Instagram a little easier and allow bloggers and content creators (me) to still make that small commission if you happen to make a purchase.

Before I get into how to sign up for and use (#LTK), I want to tell you about the pros and cons.  As I mentioned, one of the benefits to #LTK is it’s easy and you can customize it to your preferences.  You can chose to: How to Shop My Instagram & Use - #alexawebb

  1. Have shopping info emailed to you ASAP, daily, or even weekly.  No inbox clutter!
  2. See shopping info directly in the app by liking IG posts, taking a screenshot, or directly following bloggers in the app!

How easy is that?  Just “heart” one of my #LTK posts and info will be delivered to your inbox and/or #LTK app!  Btw, if you don’t want another app in your life, no problem, just sign up for the emails!  No app required!

However, not all of my posted looks are #LTK enabled.  🙁  This happens when I am featuring a smaller or indie plus size designer or retailer.  It doesn’t happen too often, but a few of the retailers/designers I feature either don’t belong to rewardStyle or don’t offer an affiliate program.  But just because I don’t make a commission, doesn’t mean I won’t include them on my blog!  So if you don’t see mentioned in my IG post, that is likely the reason.  In those cases, you’ll have to visit the post to see all of the shopping 411.

And even those posts that are #LTK enabled will still be missing some of the shopping information featured in the full post.  One of the reasons is that I am only allowed to include 16 items per post.  Obviously, that seems like a lot, but often it is not enough to include all of the alternative items I mention in my original post!  So I try to always include the exact items first and then I will include as many of the alternatives as I can.

How to Shop My Instagram & Use - #alexawebb


  • Easy!  Get shopping details delivered to your inbox or app!
  • Never miss out!  Simply “like” an IG post and check out the deets when you have the time.
  • Get all of your favorite bloggers’ shopping deets in your inbox or app! (Just sign up once and all your #LTK hearts will show up)!


  • Miss out on my fascinating discourse on the topic at hand 🙂
  • May miss out on alternative shopping options
  • Not all of my posts are #LTK enabled

At the end of the day it is all about your preferences.  I LOVE receiving my emails immediately after liking an IG post!  It’s just so easy!

How to sign-up for

How to Shop My Instagram & Use - #alexawebb

Go to to sign up.  From there you can decide if you want to subscribe via email and choose your preferences.  By the way, you can unsubscribe at any time!

From there you can download the app, which can also be found in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.  If you decide you want to use the app, you can also “follow” me within the app so you never miss a beat!

By the way, if you’d rather just subscribe to receive my posts by email, go here.

I hope you found this post helpful!  For even more of my plus size picks and inspo, check out my Pinterest boards and my Instagram!  Oh and please “like” my blog on Facebook!  Thank you!

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