20 Plus Size Black Swimdresses

As requested, I’ve rounded up my favorite plus size black swimdresses.  Looking for some thigh coverage?  Look no further!  You guys asked specifically for plus size swimdresses that weren’t “matronly” or “tacky.”  Do you think I delivered?  Please let me know in the comments below!

20 Plus Size Black Swimdresses

20 Plus Size Black Swimdresses - Plus Size Swimwear - Plus Size Swimsuit - Bathing Suit - alexawebb.com #alexawebb

I say, ain’t no shame in that swimdress game!  I chose to focus on plus size swimdresses in black first for a few reasons.  For one, sadly, black was the most prevalent color available.  Two, I love black and find it easiest to style.  And three, black truly is the most universally flattering color.  However, no one, no matter their size, shape, weight or any physical feature, should have to wear black or a higher-coverage swimsuit.

I know I say things like this often, but I really feel like we all need to hear it.  Often.  We need a constant reminder that all bodies are “swimsuit ready” because we are inundated with bullsh!t saying otherwise all. the. time.  Covered thighs and uncovered thighs, fat thighs and thin thighs, bumpy thighs and smooth thighs are all “good” thighs and all worthy of love, joy, and the pursuit of happiness, not to mention, fun in the sun, and the delight of day-drinking poolside.  MmmmK?

I searched high and low and found some really great suits (pats self on back 😉 ) in a variety of price points and size ranges.  If you’re looking for sizes above a 24, I included several choices from Always for Me, Torrid, Catherine’s, and Lands’ End.  And although not included in this collection, I always recommend Yours Clothing for extended sizes up to a 34.

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20 Plus Size Black Swimdresses

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7 thoughts on “20 Plus Size Black Swimdresses

  1. I love all of these, but I just can’t get myself to spend $130 for a swimsuit. I’d rather have three swimsuit for $130 total. Since when did swimsuits get so expensive? Really nothing more than a bra and panty set with some fabric in between.

    1. Hi Suzen,
      Thank you for the feedback. I tried to include a variety of price points, like my favorite (only $55!) and my 2nd favorite ($75). The Miraclesuits (and similar) are certainly pricier, but in my experience they are better made with “tummy control” panels, linings, and higher quality cups/bras. They also last longer, as long as you take good care of them. I have a bunch of suits from Target and while they serve their purpose, they don’t hold me in or up (I need both! 😉 ) and they don’t last too long either. So, I think it’s all in what you want and have the budget for. I try to offer as much variety as I can. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. You did a fantastic job with this collection. I can’t imagine there being a style out that you didn’t feature. Seeing all the variations helps to pick the best fit for my body and modesty preference. Well done!

    Years ago I came across a picture of a post you did on Polyvore and immediately fell in love it. Your style screams my name! But I’m not a tech person. As in… I don’t use social media, I have no idea how Pinterest works and Polyvore was even more confusing. I remember being frustrated because I wanted to see more. But had no idea how to make that happen. So I did a screenshot of that post and filed it away in my “outfit album”.

    Then, last fall I signed up for styling service that sent my first box of clothes along pictures of the various outfit suggestions. Seeing those made me remember your awesome outfit I had saved so long ago. I was so excited when I retrieved that image from my “album” and saw your name. I immediately googled you and found your blog. I’m thrilled to have found you again!!! AND…you have a blog. Blogs I can do. So so so happy!!! By the way…I canceled the styling service. I will be using your links from now to buy the things I love from your posts. Please don’t ever stop!

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