Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

Some luxury Mother’s Day gifts for 2023!

First, check out last year’s updated list here.

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2023 - Alexa Webb - Plus size luxury gifts for moms.

Little Luxuries

While “luxury” is a relative term, to me, these are little luxuries that moms will enjoy but might not get for themselves. 

I love giving gifts that I know people won’t “treat” themselves to.

So these gift ideas are a mix of items that I have gifted to others, gifted to myself, or are on my wish list. 

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2023 - Alexa Webb - Plus size luxury gifts for moms.

I know  you’ve seen some of these items on previous lists.

For good reason: these are some of my very favorite things!

Use the numbers below to shop my picks!

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2023 - Alexa Webb - Plus size luxury gifts for moms.

1- Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses or here (less $ similar) – Classic.  

2- Perfume or here – A new favorite sophisticated floral.

3- Lipstick in “Showstopping Rose” {sold out} (similar, less $ similar)  The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks. 

4- Slippers (similar, less $ similar)  If Mama doesn’t have UGG Slippers, she should.  So cozy!

5- Bum Bum Cream and Perfume Set (cream or here, perfume or here) –  Everyone has been so jazzed about this body cream so I decided to purchase the mini size with an equally crazy price tag.

It has a vanilla but beachy scent that I just can’t get enough of.

The cream is decadent.  It’s fast-absorbing, but the scent really lingers after you apply it.  So I had to buy the big one

I have subsequently bought the body spray and the perfume.  I love to layer these.  I smell so damn good!

6- Pajama Set {sold out} (less $ similar, less $ similar)- Sizes XXS-3X.  Sustainably made.  Super soft.

7- Jewelry Storage Mirror or here (less $ similar, less $ similar)

I am frequently asked how to store jewelry.  If you have a large collection, a jewelry armoire, like this one that I have, is a great option.

But, even better are these large mirrors for hidden jewelry storage.

I want one!

8 – Plus Size Jacket (less $ similar)- Sizes XS-3X – I recently got one of these for my mom to go with her faux leather leggings

It is made of ponte knit fabric with faux leather detailing.

This jacket drapes beautifully and will look great with everything from athleisure to jeans.

9- Plus Size Spanx Bootleg Leggings or here (less $ similar) – Sizes XS-3X {also available in petite and tall}.

My favorite yoga pants are currently out of stock (in black) but they are also a great gift!

10- Fresh FlowersYou can’t go wrong with a bouquet!

11- Plus Size Striped V-Neck Tee (similar, less $ similar, tunic)- Sizes 10-30. 

12- Slippers or here (similar, less $ similar) – For those moms who love a little bling bling!

13- Eyeshadow Palette or here (less $ similar) – Every woman should have a high quality neutral eyeshadow palette.

14 – Fresh Flowers – These arrangements are gorgeous!

15- Plus Size Peplum Top – Sizes 10-32.  One of my favorite tops now comes in coral!  I think this is such a flattering top and easy to dress up as needed.

16 – Weighted Blanket (less $ similar) – In case you haven’t heard, weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin, which boosts your mood and helps  you sleep. 

And they are thought to reduce cortisol, which is the “stress hormone.”

They come in different sizes and weights.  It is recommended to choose one that is approximately 10% of your body weight.

This blanket is made with organic cotton and considered one of the best weighted blankets out there.

17- Plus Size Sports Bra {sold out} (less $ similar, less $ similar) – Sizes 1X-4X.  An exclusive collab between Adidas X 11 Honoré.  This sports bra will keep mom dry with a special fabric made of 70% recycled and renewable materials.

18- Pajama Set (less $ similar, less $ similar) – Sizes 1X-3X.  These ultra soft jammies are made from Tencel modal which has a low environmental impact.  They’re also super cute!

19- Candle, here, and here – These are some of my favorite candles.

20- Tory Burch Watch {sold out} (similar, less $ similar)

21- Perfume or here (gift set) – One of my latest scent obsessions: Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Gardenia perfume.  As usual, I am terrible at describing scents, so check this out.

To me, the gardenia is the strongest, but it does have a bit of fruit with it.  (See, I am terrible at describing scents!  LOL)

It isn’t super long-lasting, but it’s a nice light floral scent for spring and summer.

22- Ring (less $ similar)  This gold ring is still on my wish list.  So simple yet gorgeous.

23- Perfume or here – I just realized this one is also on last year’s list.  Doh!  Clearly I am a fan of Valentino’s Donna Eau de Parfum.

24- Plus Size 7/8 Leggings {sold out} (less $ similar) – Sizes 1X-4X.  An exclusive collab between Adidas X 11 Honoré.  These leggings will keep mom dry with a special fabric made of 70% recycled and renewable materials.

25- Plus Size Spanx Flare Jeans or here (less $ similar) – Sizes XS-3X {also available in petite and tall}.   White flares are the newest hot jeans! 

These from Spanx are made with comfortable stretch denim and they have hidden “core shaping technology.”  So they’re like shapewear and jeans in one!

Important: These jeans are designed to wear with a 3-4″ heel.  To wear flats or sneakers, select a shorter inseam. 

26- Crossbody Bag or here (less $ similarless $ similar)  I have and love this bag!  A classic that goes with everything.

27- Lip Oil or here (less $ similar) – Plumper lips with some color.

28- Fresh Flowers

29- Plus Size Cashmere T-Shirt (less $ similar)  – Sizes XXS-3X.  Any mom would love a soft cashmere tee!

30- Fresh Flowers

31 – Miller Cloud Sandals or here (less $ similar, wide width) – I have these in tan and black.  Love them!  And they fit my wide feet.

32- Exfoliating Serum or here – Want youthful, glowy, clearer skin with tighter pores?  Enter Good Genes

Good Genes is a chemical exfoliator that uses lactic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).  Lactic acid is more gentle than the more common AHA, glycolic acid. 

Plus, Good Genes is packed full of other ingredients that soothe and brighten.

My experience has been that it absolutely gets rid of layers dead skin, which prevents dry patches and poor makeup application.  But, more importantly, it helps prevent clogged pores.  I have also noticed some brightening of my acne scars too. 

This stuff is a work horse because it manages all of this with only a short period of “problems.”

If you haven’t used a chemical exfoliator or AHA before, you should expect to have a period of time in which you skin gets worse before it gets better.  It may even seem like it is causing breakouts or irritation and you should stop.  Don’t!  You may have to cut back on the frequency of use, but unless you’re having an allergic reaction, chances are your skin is “purging.” Meaning all of the gunk trapped under the surface of all of those dead skin cells is now working it’s way out.  So hang on, it gets much better.

You should see a noticeable difference overnight, especially if you haven’t been using an AHA.  Your skin will be smoother and more radiant within 24 hours.

Over time, you’ll notice clearer and brighter skin with smaller pores, radiance you never knew you could have, and smooth and soft skin.  I swear my fine lines are less noticeable as well.  Plus, I almost never have ingrown chin hairs now.

You should always wear sunscreen, but especially when using an AHA.  Because all of the dead skin is sloughed off, your skin has less protection from the sun.  And more vulnerable skin is exposed.

33- Vitamin C Serum, here, or here – This serum is my new favorite!  I was on a skincare subreddit and saw someone post before and after pictures.  After 30 days of this serum her skin was stunning! 

To be honest, I was very skeptical. 

But, Kiehl’s was having a sale so I picked up this serum.

Within just a couple of days I started noticing changes.  I couldn’t believe it!

Clearer pores (how?), tighter pores, faded hyperpigmentation (namely melasma), and my forehead lines seemed softer.

I thought I must be experiencing the power of suggestion or something.  But, my opinion was solidified in just a couple of weeks.

This stuff is magical!  Seriously, if you don’t pick this up for mom, pick it up for yourself!

34- Sneakers (similar, less $ similar, wide width, wide)


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