Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Some luxury Mother’s Day gifts for 2022!

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Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022 - Alexa Webb

Little Luxuries

While “luxury” is a relative term, to me, these are little luxuries that moms will enjoy but might not get for themselves. 

I love giving gifts that I know people won’t “treat” themselves to.

So these gift ideas are a mix of items that I have gifted to others, gifted to myself, or are on my wish list. 

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022 - Alexa Webb

Use the numbers below to shop my picks!

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022 - Alexa Webb

1- Tie Dye Cowl Neck Top {sold out} (less $ similar, less $ similar, long sleeve tee)  What mom doesn’t deserve some cozy loungewear and activewear?

2- Crop Yoga Pants or here (less $ similar, less $ similar)

3- Racerback Tank Top (less $ similar, less $ similar

4- Celine Sunglasses or here (less $ similar) You can’t go wrong with designer sunnies, in my opinion, anyway!

5- Druzy Earrings (less $ similar) Beautiful druzy stud earrings from Kendra Scott.

6- Diffuser {sold out} (less $ similar) I just bought this diffuser for myself.  It’s so pretty in its simplicity.  Great for aromatherapy.

7- Throw Blanket with Fringe (less $ similar) – I actually gave my mom one of these in the color “Vanilla.”  She loves it!  And it has held up so well with regular washing.  

8- Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket (less $ similar) – My favorite softest luxe throw (I have the indigo/black color) now comes in a new cheetah print!  And I love it!  See more of the coziest Barefoot Dreams throws and blankets.

9- Faux Floral Arrangement (similarless $ similarfresh flowers) – You can never go wrong with some flowers, faux or fresh.

10- Michele Two Tone Watchhere or here (similar, less $ similar, less $ similar) – This watch has been on my wish list for quite some time.  I love that it’s two-toned so it will look great with gold or silver.

11- Midi Leggings (less $ similar

12- Birkenstock Sandals, here, here or here {wide width} (less $ similar, less $ similar)  – I’m so happy that Birks are still “back” in style!  If your mom has back issues, hip issues, foot issues… you see where I am going with this.  With an anatomically correct footbed of cork, she’ll love a pair of Birkenstock sandals!

Most Birkenstock sandals are unisex with “narrow width” that fits like a ladies Medium “B-C” width.  The “regular width” fits like a women’s wide “D” width.  If you mom needs the narrow width, go here.

13- Laser Hair Growth Comb (similar, similar) – Proven to regrow hair!  Perfect for those with thinning hair.

14- Flat Iron, here, here, or here (wider) – As I said, the hair straightener is an item I am on a lifelong holy-grail-type-quest to find the ultimate one. Trust me, I know a thing or two about the (pardon the pun) hottest flat irons on the market!

Right now everyone has gone bonkers over the Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron and the ghd Platinum Plus Styler flat Iron.  I have them both.  See, I told you I know all about them!  

The Bio Ionic iron‘s claim to fame is its vibrating plates that make the hair smoother.  It also has volcanic minerals infused in its plates to help with moisture and shine.  But I don’t like it.  Or at least, I have yet to find anything about it to be worth its price tag.

The vibration seems to do nothing.  And the plates aren’t as slick as I like.  Now maybe that’s just because I have fine and highly damaged hair. Regardless, I say avoid it.

On the other hand, the ghd Platinum Plus iron is pretty darn good!  Its claim to fame is its “predictive technology.” Somehow the iron monitors the heat of both plates, checking it 250 times per second to ensure that the temperature is consistent and adaptive.

And I swear, it really works!  As I mentioned my hair is fried.  Like seriously, fried.

Somehow this magical iron knows what temperature to use for each section preventing me from overheating and further damaging my hair.  But still gets the job done quite quickly.  Now that’s impressive!

It also has a unique “wishbone hinge” that I’ve never seen before which allows it to glide easily over my fragile hair and even curl it!  I’m telling you, it’s a winner!

15- Blow Dryer or here – Another hair tool that has made me a believer!  This blow dryer’s price tag was enough to make me roll my eyes ever since it became a hot item.  Seriously, how good could it be?  But, wow!  First, it’s like a jet engine waiting to blow dry my hair in record time.  And my hair hasn’t ever been so full of body!  And if I want to have a sleek style, using the flyaway attachment is freakin’ awesome!  So yeah, it is all that!  I also bought this case to keep my Dyson safe.

16- Perfume: You can never go wrong with giving mom a beautiful fragrance.

17- Face Palette – I have and love this palette!  Beautiful luxuriously finely milled powders for the face: finishing powder, bronzer, blush, and highlight all in one!

18- Eye Shadow Palette – I have this stunning Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette.  A true luxury item for the makeup lover!

19- Diffuser and Oil – The Cadillac of diffusers.  Utilizing Bluetooth and nebulizing technology to release tiny nano-particle into the air, the AroMini BT creates a subtle and consistent scented environment.  Fancy!

20- Lipsticks{sold out} (less $ similar) – As I’ve said many times here on the blog, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks.  I readily admit they are bougie AF and totally break the budget.  But they are amazing!

They’re 65% oil and feel amazing on the lips!  Not to mention they smell fantastic. Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that I actually bought a lipstick holder, like this one to display them.  And I just can’t say enough great things about them!

The closest lippies I have found at more reasonable prices are L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and Sephora’s Rouge Lacquer Lipsticks. While both are similar, they aren’t even close to the decadence of the YSL ones.

21- Statement Earrings {sold out} (less $ similar

22- Luxury T-Shirt (less $ similar) – Sizes 00 – 40. I have these t-shirts.  They are so soft and luxurious!  But, one thing to note is they have modal in them, which allows them to drape beautifully if you have the correct size.  But, if the tee is too small, it will cling in all the wrong ways.  You can’t stretch it out like a 100% cotton t-shirt.  So make sure you get the correct size.

23- Skincare: My favorite skincare brand is Drunk Elephant.  My top picks of their line are:

24- Shearling Slides {sold out} (similar, less $ similar) – Made by UGG.  Total luxury!

25- Ring (less $ similar)

26- Retro Sneakers (similar)

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One thought on “Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

  1. OMGosh I want every one of these! Looking seriously at that thinning hair comb – I did not even know things like that existed! Ditto with face palettes, like the Hourglass one. It includes the finishing powder, which is just so convenient. If you come across any other, please let us know. Beyond Yoga crop top and pants from Bloomie’s are just what I have been looking for. Next I would like to find a big white cotton or linen shirt to wear over it when I dash out for a coffee, wearing the big gold buckle Gizeh Birks. Thanks for all your hard work.

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