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Mixing prints and patterns can be intimidating.  No one wants to look foolish (or clownish).  But, with a few tips its totally doable, I swear.  To get started with ideas and inspiration, check out my Mixing Prints & Patterns Pinterest Board that I created specifically to go with this post.

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Tips for Mixing Prints & Patterns

  1. Mix big with small and small with big.  Mixing prints is about creating interest and contrast.  So you’ll want to mix a bold stripe or print with a small stripe or print.  For example, a big floral print mixes well with a small stripe.
  2. Treat stripes and dots as a solid color.  For example, treat a navy and white stripe as though it were just solid navy.  Mix it with a print or pattern you would ordinarily match to solid navy.
  3. Leopard is a neutral.  Period.  It goes with everything.  So is camo, in my opinion.
  4. Mix two prints to start.  Then add a neutral, such a leopard print or camo to really mix it up.
  5. Advanced Tip: Use the color wheel to mix and match complementary colors.  More on that here.

Below are mixed print outfits.  I’ve added a little info about why each one “works.”

So do you feel ready to mix things up this fall?
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