Plus Size Amazon Top 10 – June 2024

This month’s plus size Amazon Top 10!

These are the best selling Amazon items from my blog for the month of June.

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My Favorites

My favorite “drugstore” nude lipstick (#1) is a great option for fair to light-medium skin.

I also have these sunglasses (#4) and wear them all the time.  They look a lot like designer sunnies.

I have this bracelet (#6).  I love it!  And it looks much more expensive than it is.

It fits my slightly-larger-than-average wrists perfectly.

I also have and love these waterdrop earrings (#9) that look a lot like Bottega Veneta.

Jewelry Care

These beauties are gold plated, so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.


I have received a ton of positive feedback about these adorable dresses (#5 & #10), including that the length is appropriate for most women.

However, I did want to mention that one person received her dress unhemmed.

I think it was an outlier, but felt I should mention it.

Overall, if you think they ‘re cute, they are totally worth a try!

Plus Size Amazon Top 10

Plus size most popular amazon pieces from the blog this month #plussize Alexa Webb

Shop the Pieces

1 – Lipstick

2 – Rattan Tote Bag

3 – Plus Size Tie Waist Dress

4 – Sunglasses

5 – Plus Size Pink Dress

6 – Coin Charm Bracelet

7 – Lip Balm

8 – Plus Size Belt Bag

9 – Teardrop Earrings

10 – Plus Size Blue Dress


Were these your favorites?  Sound off in the comments below.

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