Plus Size Athleisure Outfit

Since it is now fashionable to walk around in your sweatpants, why wouldn’t you?  This plus size athleisure outfit is a great starting point if you’re ready to try the trend!  The “formula” for this type of look is pretty simple.  Choose basic activewear pieces, like joggers or yoga pants on bottom and t-shirts or tanks on top.  You can read my review of my favorite plus size tees here.  Please be aware that the fabric content is dependent on the color.  I stick with 100% cotton like the white and the black.

Then add a chic sneaker like these adidas Sambas (I just bought a pair from SSense).  Choose classic or retro sneakers, such as Saucony Jazz (I love the Low Pro versions), adidas Gazelles or Campus, Onitsuka Tiger in any variety, or anything similar.  Many of these classic sneakers are unisex and come sized as men’s, which means they run wide.

If retro classics aren’t your thing, look for trendy trainers, such as Nike’s Air Max 90.  If you are really lost to pick out some kick ass sneakers, check the sneaker section of asos.  I feel like they are always on top of what is hot at the moment. Bottom line, your kicks need to be clean, in good condition, and “elevated.”  If you wear your everyday gym sneakers or the dirty old tennis shoes that you wear to walk the dog, you’re going to look like a hot mess.  Not that there is anything wrong with hot mess, but we’re trying to look trendy and smart in this situation.  And that’s why I say “elevated” regarding the sneakers because this look could easily go very wrong.

By the way, if you do find yourself some kick ass, trendy, and “elevated” sneakers, you will realize you can wear them with practically anything and look awesome!  And that is a total win for comfort!  Take a look at this outfit idea to see what I mean.  Also, you’re going to want to go sockless or wear no show socks.

The last ingredients in the plus size athleisure outfit “formula” are the accessories.  Add a scarf or bandana.  Add a denim jacket or utility jacket.  And don’t forget a cute yet casual bag, like this Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag.  Once you are comfortable rocking this trend for errands, brunches, or relaxed nights at the local dive, you can try “next level” athleisure by mixing your joggers with a pair of heels, like this look Gigi Hadid is wearing.

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Plus Size Athleisure Outfit

Plus Size Athleisure Outfit - Plus Size Casual Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Athleisure Outfit

  1. I like how you created this look, but as a tall plus size woman those jogger pants are horrible when it comes to fit. I feel like I’m wearing high waters, they’re to tight around the ankle and they make your butt look bigger than it is. I’m willing to bet a man designed them.

    1. I agree. Joggers are so chic but for pear shaped body types like mine I much rather yoga pants!! More slenderizing !! Alexa’s suggestion for the yoga pants is right on! Now I need to find better quality yoga pants and discard the old faded ones from WallyWorld! Lol

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