Plus Size Yellow Blazer Outfit

This plus size yellow blazer outfit is great for running errands and casual social engagements. 

I love adidas Gazelle sneakers- cute, sporty, and comfortable! 

You could easily wear this plus size yellow blazer to work with a navy pencil skirt and button-down shirt

Go here for another plus size casual outfit with a similar color scheme.

Plus Size Yellow Blazer Outfit

Plus Size Yellow Blazer Outfit with Striped T-Shirt, Flare Jeans and Adidas Gazelle Sneakers - Alexa Webb

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Plus Size Yellow Blazer {sold out} (similar, less $ similar, less $ similar)

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Yellow Blazer Outfit

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I am trying to think… Over the years I have purchased a lot of clothes from Simply Be, but oddly, I don’t think I have ever bought their jeans. I will say that what I have of theirs is good quality, especially for the price! If you decide to order, please let me know what you think. I would love your opinion! Thanks!

    2. Hi Melissa, I’ve ordered Jeans from SimplyBe. I think they were Pixie jeans, and I liked the quality and fit. They buy from many different sources, so there’s no guarantee that every product will be of the same quality. But I’ve never been let down so far.

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