Plus Size Black Hi-Lo Tee Outfit

This plus size black hi-lo tee outfit may become your new summer uniform!  

It is cool, comfortable, and trendy.  And it is appropriate for all ages.  

Although this is a simple look, there are a few fine points to consider when wearing an oversized long top.  You do not want to look like you are wearing a muumuu.  Not to be confused with Miu Miu, which, if you can afford, is something you should wear.  You will need to take proportions into consideration.  

If you have no clue what I am talking about, start by reading this short post about how to dress in a more flattering way.

In this outfit I have paired the plus size black hi-lo tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans.  But note that the boyfriends are relaxed, not baggy, and are tapered to the ankle.  You do not want a baggy top and baggy pants.  You could even cuff a skinny jean instead.  

If you’re short, please remember that cuffs are going to make your legs look shorter, especially with a long top.  So you may want a full length skinny jean or my favorite jeggings.

I chose a longer statement necklace with a drop to help visually break up the top and give a focal point.  A shorter statement necklace would be less flattering.  The goal is to have the necklace length, including the 5″ drop, be at about a quarter of the way down the length of the body from the shoulder (visually speaking, there is no need to get out a ruler, just eyeball it in the mirror).  This will give the illusion that your legs are longer because it breaks up the shirt length, visually, and we can’t see what is going on under the long shirt.  I hope that makes sense.  

Please leave me questions in the comments if anything is unclear.

Plus Size Black Hi-Lo Tee Outfit
Plus Size Black Hi-Lo Tee Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - Plus Size Spring Outfit Idea - #alexawebb

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