Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit

A plus size black luxury lounging outfit that can quickly go from relaxing at home to running errands with just a few changes.

You might remember this post with similar looks but with leggings.

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit -Two outfits lounging at home or ror running errands this fall and winter. Plus Size Loungewear outfit ideas with wide leg sweat pants, a silk camisole, cashmere oversized wrap or bomber jacket, and sequin UGG slippers or adidas tennis shoes. Alexa Webb

Home Outfit Details

I was inspired by a previous post and decided to create similar looks with these Skims wide leg sweats.

Be comfy and a little sexy by pairing these sweatpants with a lace bralette and a silk camisole.  Oh la la!

When it’s cold, top with an oversized cashmere wrap.  So luxurious!

Add some black sequined and shearling fuzzy slippers from UGG to keep you cozy.

And finish this “at home” look with some simple sparkly CZ stud earrings, CZ necklace, and a couple CZ tennis bracelets.

Little Luxuries

As I always do in my loungewear posts, I threw in some “little luxuries” that make relaxing at home so much more pleasant!

As I’ve mentioned, I have and love this Bluetooth speaker from Bose!  The sound quality is amazing!

The battery lasts for hours and hours.  And days when not in use. 

I also got this docking station in case I want to play music but have a dead battery.  Although, honestly, that hasn’t been an issue.

It is water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for taking it outside and poolside.

And I always include candles that I love.  So I chose to include this Voluspa candle in “Crisp Champagne.”  FYI, my favorite Voluspa scent is “Prosecco Rose.”

Lastly, I threw in this hand cream because it is one of my favorites with 20% shea butter.  So decadent!

For fragrance, I included a new one I just got, Valentino’s Donna Born in Roma Intense, I like it more than the original.


I know you have heard me talk about my favorite lipsticks, the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick Balms, many many times.

You can read all of my thoughts here.

I am a big fan!  And then I had someone suggest I try YSL’s Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Sticks.

And because I refuse to pay full price for these insanely-priced lippies, I had to wait for the Sephora sale.

Anyway, point is, I finally tried one!  I purchased the “Showcasino Nude” shade.

And yes, they are awesome!  

It looks like a lip gloss, but has more staying power without the “stickiness” that I hate in long-lasting glosses.

But most importantly, they are moisturizing.  I mean like decadent moisture!

They are made with mango oil, vitamin E, pomegranate extract, and hyaluronic acid.

And they smell similar to the Rouge Volupté Shine, which is amazing!

Point is, I think I have a new favorite.

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit – Home

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit - A stay home loungewear outfit idea with wide leg sweat pants, a silk camisole, cashmere oversized wrap, and sequin UGG slippers. Alexa Webb

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Errands Outfit Details

This second look is what you can do to switch your lounging outfit to one fit for heading out into public.

First, swap your luxe cashmere wrap for a coordinating fleece bomber style jacket.

Then swap your slippers for some classic sneakers like Adidas Sambas.

Lastly, throw on a crossbody bag and some oversized aviators and you are ready to walk about the door!

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit – Errands

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfit - For running errands this fall and winter, plus size black wide leg sweatpants and jacket with a lace bralette, silk camisole, and Adidas samba sneakers. Alexa Webb.

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Plus Size Fleece Jacket (similar, less $ similar, less $ similar)

Crossbody Bag (less $ similar, less $ similar)

Aviator Sunglasses or here (less $ similar)

Sneakers* or here

*sneakers are unisex and should fit wide width feet

Plus Size Black Luxury Lounging Outfits

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