Plus Size Boho Jeans Outfit

Sometimes I just need a plus size boho jeans outfit.  Do you know what I mean?  I just want something easy to put together that looks effortless and has that I-don’t-care-but-look-still-amazing vibe.  Ahh, I love that vibe!

Boho Basics

Take some flare jeans, distressed prefered, but any will do.  Then add a white or neutral top, preferably with some interest, like embroidery or eyelet detail.  As you can see, I like this frill sleeve top with beautiful crochet lace and embroidery.

Keep in mind that this top, like most J.Crew tops, is probably cut short.  However, I like a shorter top for this look because the jeans are high-waisted.  But, if you want a long(er) top, you could opt for one of the alternatives linked below.

Boho Accessories

When you do boho styling, more is better.  Be extra.  Think about fun textures and details for the bag and shoes.  In this case, I chose a macrame and leather bag with fringe detail and platform suede espadrille wedge sandals.

Lastly, opt for statement earrings, leather bracelets, and natural stone rings for jewelry.  The more rings, the better!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fragrance.  Choose something “earthy.”  I immediately thought of The Body Shop’s Vanilla.  Oh, that takes me back!  A more sophisticated option is Allsaint’s “Riot,” which is a unisex floral and woody scent.

Plus Size Boho Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Boho Jeans Outfit with Flare Jeans, Ruffle Sleeve Top, Macrame Bag, and Platform Espadrille Sandals - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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7 thoughts on “Plus Size Boho Jeans Outfit

  1. I was excited when I saw the subject line, but for me this outfit falls short of my hopes. It’s very plain and I really Hope bell bottoms aren’t coming back yet again. I don’t think they flatter very many figures.

    I’d love to see you do another one that might use more color, pattern, or interesting detail in the clothes. (I know you have many followers who like subtle and this outfit is for them, but bring in the playful! To me that’s what boho is about.)

  2. I love the boho look. The top is stunning!! I even ordered the one in black. When we order the same item but in in different colors do you still get some type of stipend?? I hope so!

    1. Thanks, Trisha! Yes, if you use my link and purchase more than one item, I get a commission on your whole order (Usually. Some places have different rules and exceptions). Thank you! 🙂

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