Plus Size Bright Shorts & Stripes Outfit

Being cool and comfortable is key in the summer.  But dressing casually doesn’t mean frumpy.  You can still look hot without feeling the heat.  I think undergarments become a concern as summer clothing offers less coverage.

A good multi-way bra that allows the straps to be reconfigured into a halter style or worn strapless is essential.  The only strapless bra I’ve ever had real support with (and have heard others endorse) is the Multi-way strapless bra from Lane Bryant.

And while we’re discussing summer concerns, let’s talk about “chub rub” or the chaffing from thighs rubbing together.  The first line of defense is to simply cover them with an undergarment like these shapewear shorts.  If you wear the proper size, they are long enough not to roll up (or down) and will protect your thighs. But be warned, they can feel warm and lead to “undercarriage” sweating as I like to call it.  But you’ll love their smoothing effect!  I won’t wear a skirt without them.

Another option that works well is a chaffing “stick.”  My favorite is made by Band-Aid, called “Friction Block,” although I have a hard time finding it these days.  It works really well on the thighs but also on your feet if your shoes are rubbing your toes or heels.  And it’s small enough to fit in the tiniest clutch!  I’ve also used Gold Bond’s Friction Defense, which is closer to a stick of deodorant in size.  It doesn’t work as well as the Band-Aid brand, but will do the trick!

Plus Size Bright Shorts & Stripes Outfit

Plus Size Bright Shorts & Stripes Outfit - Plus Size Fashion -

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