Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket

Coral with pops of aqua is one of my favorite color schemes for spring and summer.  First, why does this combo “pop?”  As we learned from Color Theory, they have a complementary relationship, meaning blue-green and red-orange are across from one another on the color wheel.  Any colors with a complementary relationship are going to make a statement and “pop” next to one another!  Go here to learn more.

From the Archives – Plus Size Coral & Aqua Outfits

And if you’ve been with me since the days of Polyvore [RIP], you’d know this is a favorite combination.  I went digging in the Polyvore archives and wow, I have a lot of coral and aqua outfits!  Here is a sampling:

And after looking through all of these outfits, I can’t help but think: aren’t you guys sick of me yet?!?!

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Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket

Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket - Plus Size Casual Outfit with Boyfriend Jeans, Flats, and Blazer - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

Outfit Deets

So clearly I am drawn to coral!  And this plus size coral tweed jacket is no exception!  Aside from looking so rich [rich AF], it’s comfortable because it’s stretchy.  Yes, a stretchy tweed jacket with tiny metallic threads and fringe.  I’m shook!  You can find it on sale here.  While you can obviously wear it to work, you can casually pair it with jeans and go from day to night.  Day time think sandals or flats.  Night time: add a heel.

I chose to pair this amazing jacket with distressed boyfriend jeans.  As I have explained in previous tweed jacket posts, you want to be mindful of the “biddy-factor:”

Typically, when I think of tweed or bouclé jackets, I think of Chanel.  But also, maybe more so, stuffy old biddies in uptight suits having tea and quietly judging everyone.  Now, that is not to say that these jackets ever go out of style.  They really don’t, they’re iconic.  But, if you want to rock them in a modern and “smart” way, you can’t just throw them on with a pair of “mom jeans” and some old ballet flats.  A distressed boyfriend jean goes a long way to counteracting the biddy-factor.  Remember, as I always say, fashion lives in these juxtapositions.

Add some pops of aqua in the accessories, like these chalcedony earrings and ringOversized designer sunglasses and a trendy basket bag ensures you are anything but basic.

Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket

Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket - Plus Size Casual Outfit with Boyfriend Jeans, Flats, and Blazer - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Coral Tweed Jacket

  1. After working/living in scrubs for 15 years I find it difficult to put together outfits that look this nice and put together. Thank you for what your are posting! Diana

  2. Thank you for posting the picture on a body. I sometimes find it difficult to visualize the outfit in layers. Particularly as I prefer not to tuck in.

  3. Ok this gives me so many options for spring YAY!! You really do help those of us who are fashion challenged and have no idea where to start. My little capsule wardrobe is coming along nicely. thank you!

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