Plus Size Culottes Outfit

A plus size culottes outfit with Parisian flair.  These linen culottes make a great alternative to shorts for warm weather.

Wearing Linen

These plus size culottes are a blend: linen and rayon.  Perfect for keeping cool in the middle of summer!

Linen might seem difficult to deal with, but it’s actually quite easy.  And it’s machine washable!  But, as I’ve said, people often ask me how to keep their linen clothes from wrinkling.

For one, linen is always going to wrinkle.  Always.  And really, that is part of “the look.”  You know, that rich bougie b!tch look that I love so much!

Two, a linen-blend, like these culottes, will wrinkle less.  And three, if you iron with starch, linen will wrinkle slightly less.  But, I say, just let it go!

Outfit Details

When wearing “tricky” pants like culottes, be sure to watch your proportions.  I like that these culottes are high waisted.  I recommend wearing the red striped t-shirt tucked in.  Top with a denim jacket as needed.

Add a crossbody tote or a slouchy hobo.  And some Celine-inspired sunglasses.  Finish the look with some simple ballet flats or trendier flat mules.

Plus Size Culottes Outfit

Plus Size Culottes Outfit with Striped Tee, Denim Jacket, and Mules - Alexa Webb #plussize #alexawebb

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2 thoughts on “Plus Size Culottes Outfit

  1. CUTE outfit! I really like the culotte’s from your 4th link and the Torrid striped tank. The necklace is gorgeous!

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