Plus Size Fall Transition Work Outfit

Transition from summer to fall in this plus size work outfit of rich jewel and earth tones.  I enjoy using color, especially at the office.  One can only wear so many black, white, grey, and navy outfits!  Switch things up with a pair of teal trousers!  If you aren’t sure how else you might wear these ankle pants, take a look at some of the coordinating options at WHBM (ETA: since this post was originally blogged, they have discontinued plus sizes), like this top, this top, or this top.  And obviously they will look great with any neutrals.  Lastly, consult a color wheel and this post for color-blocking tips.

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Plus Size Fall Transition Work Outfit

Plus Size Fall Transition Work Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb #plussize

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10 thoughts on “Plus Size Fall Transition Work Outfit

  1. Cute outfit, but the sweater is a v-back. Not sure that’s appropriate for the office. The website doesn’t show the back of the sweater, so I’m not sure how deep the V is, but I thought people might want to know it’s a v-back.

    1. It’s not that deep, it doesn’t even come down to the bra strap from what I can tell. And if you do wear a scarf with it, it may hide the v-back.

    1. Thanks, Charla! I actually had a different scarf picked out originally and then it sold out. It took me a very very long time to find that scarf! But, it works really well.

  2. I love your ideas, but I’m a busy, budgeting college student and am looking for a couple staple pieces. I can’t buy a new top every week. Is there a post for that because some of your suggestions have been very flattering and I’m finally getting into my own style. The thing is, my husband keeps saying I look like a grandma in the floral pieces because he’s an asshole sometimes and then I can’t wear it. Like the kimono look, I love, but he won’t shut up about the florals. Can you post about staple pieces? Love your suggestions.

  3. Love these colors! I did it upside down. I have dark yellow jeans and then then use a teal top I had. Thanks for the inspiration!

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