Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2019

Every year, people ask me for plus size Halloween costumes.  But, as I have discussed several times on Instagram Live, I’m like the “Scrooge” of Halloween.  I don’t like to be scared.  I don’t like to dress up in costume.  And I don’t do haunted houses or horror movies.  Bah humbug!  Haha.

So long story short, I don’t think I have ever put together Halloween costume ideas, even in my Polyvore days!  But, because I love you, dear readers, I put together some plus size Halloween costumes for you!  Plus, I made a list of places to look for plus size Halloween costumes in 2019!

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2019 - #plussize #alexawebb

I came up with three ideas that are pretty easy to put together: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a handmaid from “A Handmaid’s Tale,” and Carrie Bradshaw.  If you don’t like any of those ideas, I also listed places to shop for plus size costumes.

Costume Idea 1

So this Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume so simple.  Get a graduation gown, which comes in plus sizes (indicated by “FF”), and sized by height.  Then add a necklace or collar that RBG is known for.  Complete the costume with a pair of glasses and a judge’s gavel.  Wear your hear slicked back into a bun.  And you’re done!

Plus Size Halloween Costume – RBG

Plus Size Halloween Costume 2019 - RBG - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judge Robe and Collar - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Costume

Collar Necklace (less $ similar)


Gavel (similar)

Plus Size Judge Robe {look for “FF” sizing for plus sizes}

Costume Idea 2

This second costume is also simple!  Get yourself a red cape, sturdy boots, and a bonnet with wings.  You can add a red dress to get the full Handmaid look.  So easy!  I also wanted to mention that you can find high quality versions on Etsy.  And also the Wive’s costumes here.

Plus Size Halloween Costume – Handmaid

Plus Size Halloween Costume 2019 - Handmaid from Handmaid's Tale - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Costume

Costume Idea 3

Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” is another easy costume.  I chose the outfit she wears in the opening credits.  You can get a petticoat or tutu and a pale pink cami.  Then add the “Carrie” necklace and a blonde wig.  And although she wears heeled sandals with the look, I chose a faux Manolo Blanhik “Hangisi” pump, which Carrie was known for.  Or if you want, you can get the real Manolo Blanhik Hangisi here.

Plus Size Halloween Costume – Carrie Bradshaw

Plus Size Halloween Costume 2019 - Carrie Bradshaw in a Tutu Skirt - Sex and the City - #plussize #alexawebb

Shop the Costume

If none of the above ideas work for you, here is a list of places you can shop for plus size Halloween costumes in 2019.

Where to shop plus size Halloween costumes in 2019 - #plussize #alexawebb #plussizehalloween

Shopping Links: Plus Size Cat Woman, Plus Size Wonder Woman, Plus Size Flapper, Plus Size Mermaid, Plus Size Pirate, Plus Size Bat

Places to Shop for Plus Size Halloween Costumes in 2019

I hope you found something fabulous to wear!  Happy Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2019

  1. Hi Alexa,
    Great choices , Do you ever put orange and black office outfits together for Halloween? I work in a school and I like to dress for the month of October in outfits that have oranges, black, purples,
    Halloween scarfs, pins etc. It leads up to the Halloween festivities and you look still look classy!


    As always you are amazing!!!!

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