Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit

A plus size halter dress outfit for summer.

This dress can easily be worn to casual outings like a brunch or dressed up for a summer wedding.

Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit

Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit - A plus size summer dress outfit idea with a halter dress, wedge sandals, and a bamboo bag by Alexa Webb.

Outfit Details

Show off some shoulders with this plus size halter dress!

If you need a multi-way or strapless bra, I recommend this one and this one.

Add some glamour with gold statement earrings

And these are stunning!

More Outfit Details

A bamboo bag with tortoise handle to slip over your wrist is so chic and so affordable!

Top the look with some square tortoise sunglasses and finish it with some wedge espadrille sandals.

These platform wedges even come in wide width! Woot!

Add a wrap bracelet for a little sparkle on the wrists.

My Favorite Lipstick

I thought I’d also mention the featured lipstick is my favorite.

As I’ve said, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipsticks (or here) are my favorite lipsticks. 

I readily admit they are bougie AF and totally break the budget.  But they are amazing!

They’re 65% oil and feel amazing on the lips!  Not to mention they smell fantastic. 

Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that I actually bought a lipstick holder, like this one, to display them.

And I just can’t say enough great things about them!

The closest lippies I have found at more reasonable prices are L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and Sephora’s Rouge Lacquer Lipsticks

While both are similar, they aren’t even close to the decadence of the YSL ones.

Shimmering Shoulders and Skin

Add some shimmering body oil, body highlight, or even a shimmering skin tint to any exposed skin.  Oh la la!

Or try my new fave “Glow Screen.

If you haven’t heard, this shimmering sunscreen is a new influencer favorite.

I didn’t believe the hype.  But then I tried it and whoa!

It is meant for the face and moisturizes the skin and offers SPF 40 protection.

It has a shimmer to it, similar to the effect of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter.

So not glittery but, offers a significant glow to the skin.  And it comes in 4 shades.

It can be worn daily under foundation for a “lit from within” glow.

Or you can wear it alone to have a stunning glow while protecting yourself from the sun!

More Thoughts on Glow Screen

Honestly, I felt like a glamorous golden sun goddess when I tried “Glow Screen and I was sitting in my living room at night.

So, it is effective.  Lol. 

And I do believe the ingredients are good for your skin.

I mean it has 4 different types of sunscreen!

But, it is hella expensive for some sunscreen that you have to re-apply every 2 hours.

And I haven’t tried it in the “wild” yet either, so I am not sure how reapplication goes.

But, I did find some similar alternatives with a much better price tag:

Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit

Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit - A plus size summer dress outfit idea with a halter dress, wedge sandals, and a bamboo bag by Alexa Webb.

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Halter Dress Outfit

  1. The YSL lipsticks are currently 25% off (along with most all of the site). I love it when we can be bougie on a budget!

  2. I just received the Amazon halter dress. I wish I could say it’s great, but I can’t. I look great in fall/ earth tone colors, and this dress has all those colors! The fabric is a very strange feeling polyester which is not good for summer in the southern and southwestern parts of the country. Too hot!! Also, the patterns of the fabric were not matched in back seam of the dress. Back it goes.

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