Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit

A plus size linen pants outfit for spring into summer.

I was inspired by this 2019 outfit that was inspired by a set I created on Polyvore many years before. 

 Back then I went through my Pinterest board for my old Polyvore sets and came across this set

So much inspo!

Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit

Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit - Alexa Webb

Outfit Details

Beautiful colors, summer classics: aqua and coral. 

I love this lightweight viscose scarf

Simply throw the scarf over your favorite tee and jeans. 

Or, in this case, linen pants, for that ultra-summer look. 

Linen Keeps You Cool

As the title of this post suggests, the plus size pants in this outfit are 100% linen!

Linen is just a classy fabric.  Period.  It drapes in a lovely and unmistakable way.

And linen is a natural fiber known for keeping you cool in hot weather.  Yes!

That’s because linen breathes and absorbs moisture.

But Linen Wrinkles…

Linen might seem difficult to deal with, but it’s actually quite easy.  And it’s machine washable! 

As I’ve said, people often ask me how to keep their linen clothes from wrinkling.

For one, linen is always going to wrinkle.  Always. 

And really, that is part of “the look.”  You know, that rich bougie b!tch look that I love so much!

Two, a linen-blend, like these pants, will wrinkle less.   

And three, if you iron with starch, linen will wrinkle slightly less.  But, I say, just let it go!

More Outfit Details

Top with a denim jacket as needed.

Add a trendy woven bag and carry as a tote or crossbody bag.

And really make a statement with some bright coral sandals.


With the influence of Bottega Veneta, sculptural gold jewelry is hot!

You can read my thoughts about Bottega Veneta here.

I love their waterdrop earrings, but not the price tag.

Fear not, I found some similar earrings for a lot less on Amazon.

By the way, I bought these earrings in the smaller and larger sizes.

The larger ones are stunning, but they are heavier so keep that in mind.

And my favorite gold ring.

Then I stacked the wrist with some favorite gold bracelets from the brand Mevecco, which are on Amazon.

I recently purchased this Cuban links braceletpaperclip bracelet, and cable bracelet.

I freakin’ love them all!

You can check out my Amazon store and follow me on Amazon for more of my finds.

Jewelry Care

These are inexpensive plated pieces so you might need to “baby” them for longevity.

Avoid the obvious: showers, pools, spraying your wrist with perfume while wearing them.

Store them in air-tight plastic bags, if possible.  This will keep the plating from damage and tarnishing.

My Favorite Lipstick

The featured lipstick is my favorite.

As I’ve said, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks. 

I readily admit they are bougie AF and totally break the budget.  But they are amazing!

They’re 65% oil and feel amazing on the lips!  Not to mention they smell fantastic. 

Plus, the packaging is so gorgeous that I actually bought a lipstick holder, like this one, to display them.

And I just can’t say enough great things about them!

The closest lippies I have found at more reasonable prices are L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick and Sephora’s Rouge Lacquer Lipsticks

In my experience, these are similar, but they aren’t even close to the decadence of the YSL ones.


And this perfume, Valentino’s “Donna Born in Roma Coral Fantasy,” is my newest favorite.

I think it’s a great choice for spring and summer as it is floral and a bit fruity.

It’s a juicy kiwi accord with rose and jasmine.

Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit

Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit - Alexa Webb

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One thought on “Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit

  1. I love this springtime look. I LOVED the old Polyvore, That was first time I saw your sets. I could spend hours scrolling and saving inspiration outfits.

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