57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Back by popular demand, I offer my top picks of plus size mother of the bride dresses.  These gorgeous frocks can also work for mothers of the groom too!

I found so many great plus size mother of the bride dresses that I couldn’t include them all in one post!

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57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses - Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dress - Alexa Webb #alexawebb

Not Matronly but Appropriate

When I look for plus size mother of the bride dresses, I tend to avoid the “traditional” wedding attire brands.  With some exceptions, as things are getting better, I find that most wedding retailers offer matronly styles for mothers of the bride.

There is no reason to attend your child’s wedding looking like you’ve given up on life!

You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a prom dress, but you also don’t want to look like you’ve wrapped yourself in layers of chiffon and are waiting to die following the reception.

I don’t want to sound like an a-hole, but please don’t wear that type of dress or suit!

If you’re convinced that you want to wear a suit, try something with a modern cut and some structure. Or try a jumpsuit like this one or this one.

57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Just click the images below to go to the dress’ retailer.

I hope this collection of Mother of the Bride dresses has helped you find something amazing to wear!

57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses - Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dress - Alexa Webb #alexawebb

More Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

You can find more plus size mother of the bride dresses here.

33 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses - Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dress with Sleeves - alexawebb.com #alexawebb

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21 thoughts on “57 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

  1. Love this post! I think too often we think we have to dress a certain way to downplay some of our most amazing features. It’s important to feel good about ourselves, at any age.

  2. This is a great collection. I am seeking a Mother of the Bride dress for an April wedding and am having the toughest time finding something that works well with an apple shape and has at least 3/4 length sleeves. If you have any ideas, please send them my way!

  3. I’m helping two friends find their MoB gowns. I think I can identify the designer of every dress out there! You made good choices! My advice for moms is to try on gowns you think would never look good and you will be surprised. The gowns my friend thought would look good did not look as great as the ones she thought would not! She is tall so she can wear a lot of different things. She fell in love with a ruched waist mermaid gown.

  4. Alexa here’s a challenge for you
    I’m 4’11”- I weigh 190
    Then add to the pot I’m a breast cancer warrior- I had a double mastectomy so I’m flat – I have fake boobs but I HATE them I carry my weight in my face neck Arms and tummy area
    Any suggestions?

  5. HI Alexa

    I’m 5’9″ and a size 30. I’m looking for a long gown for an upcoming wedding.
    Can you help?

    1. Hi Judy,
      I’m not a huge fan of pantsuits, mainly because they are typically made of thousands of layers of chiffon.

      But, if you’re set on pants, here are some of my top choices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

      A more structured pantsuit with a dressy underpinning or embellishment is also a good choice, but they’re hard to find outside of the holiday season.

      Hopefully one of these will work well for you!

  6. Hi Alexa,
    This is a great start to my MOB shopping venture! I’m by no means comfortable with my body but would like to find something that would be flattering. I have great ta-tas! but carry my weight through my middle. Any suggestions to flatter one and minimize the other?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Sounds like you are an apple shape, so make sure you check out this post. That will help you a bit when figuring out silhouettes that work best for you.
      You will probably do best with an empire waist and a V-neck.
      Make sure you check out my latest MOB posts here, here, and here.
      Hope that helps!

  7. I am 5’2, 190 lbs with a defined waist but tummy and curvy hips along with being short-waisted and big breasts. I need a MOB dress for a summer wedding in Mexico. Help! It is July 3, 2023 an the wedding is in March of 2024

  8. I’m 5’7″ and I weigh 225lbs. I have small breast. My stomach hangs down over my pelvic area. My daughter is getting married in November. It’s black tie. Most dresses look like tents on Me. Please help me to look beautiful for her wedding.

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