Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas

I’m not sure if I accomplished the mission with these plus size navy t-shirt dress outfit ideas, but basically, I wanted to show that you can wear a simple t-shirt dress in the summer and into the fall.

Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit Ideas for Summer into Fall - Transition Outfit Ideas - Alexa Webb

Look 1

This first look is more summery, but obviously can be worn into the fall. 

Style a navy t-shirt dress with some classic sneakers like low Chuck Taylors.  Wear with no show socks or go sockless.  Bottom line, we shouldn’t see your socks.

Top the look with a denim jacket as needed.

Add a red bandana or bandana scarf for a pop of color.  You can tie it around your neck, head, ponytail, or wrist!

Next, add some designer-inspired sunnies (or the real things) and some hoop earrings

And a simple crossbody bag for good measure.

Lastly, add a bold red lip if you’d like.

Picking a Red Lipstick

Everyone can wear red lips, it just depends on choosing the right red for your skin tone. 

People with yellow undertones (warm) should wear more orange-y reds.  And those with pink skin undertones (cool) should wear more blue-toned red tones.

You probably have yellow undertones (warm) if:

  • you look better in gold jewelry than silver
  • you look better in ivory than white
  • you tan rather than burn
  • you look better in orange-red shades

You probably have pink undertones (cool) if:

  • you look better in silver jewelry than gold
  • you look better in white than ivory
  • you tend to burn more than tan
  • you look better in blue-red shades

People with a neutral skin tone can wear both gold and silver/ivory and white without a noticeable difference. 

And neutral skin tones can pull off almost any shade of red!

Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit – Summer

Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit for Summer with Denim Jacket, Red Bandana, Converse Sneakers, and Madewell Crossbody Bag - Alexa Webb

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Look 2

The ankle booties in this second look give it a fall feel.  But if you want to wear it in the summer just swap the booties for some sandals.

This outfit will also be great in the springtime with this navy floral and paisley scarf.

As always, top with a denim jacket for some warmth.

And you can also find a similar version of this t-shirt dress with longer sleeves here.

Rose Gold Accessories

Load on some rose gold accessories.  Starting with these beautiful statement earrings in mother of pearl.

I have the same earrings but in the larger gold version called “Danielle.”  They really look great if you have dark hair.  And they’re so neutral, they go with everything!

Next, pile on some bracelet like this set of rose gold cuffs and a pink beaded cuff from Victoria Emerson.

Then stack some rose gold rings, including this stunning mother of pearl cocktail ring.

And for the win, throw on some gold and pink mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Pillow Talk Lipstick

Lastly, I also included one of my favorite lipsticks.  The iconic Charlotte Tilbury “Pillow Talk,” which is a universally flattering nude. 

It’s matte but not drying what so ever.  And it’s also a great choice for overlining your lips since it is such a natural color.  

Charlotte (I say that like we’re close personal friends, ha!) also recently came out with a darker shade for medium and deeper skin tones and an “intense” shade for even deeper skin tones.

But, if it’s out of your price range, Mac’s Cosmo and NYX’s Euro Trash are supposed to be great alternatives for Pillow Talk.

Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit – Fall

Plus Size Navy T-Shirt Dress Outfit for Fall with Floral Scarf, Slouchy Tote Bag, Ankle Booties, and Rose Gold Jewelry from Kendra Scott - Alexa Webb

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  1. Oh yes!!! You have done it again!!! This is perfect for going back to. work!! Can’t live without these great posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A jacket, ankle boots, and large scarf for summer wear??? Not where I live! Would look great with sandals and a big hat, though!

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