Plus Size Orange Blazer Outfit

This plus size orange blazer outfit has so many pieces that I love.  A beautiful coral orange blazer, paired with a navy and white striped tee, makes this outfit a showstopper. 

Adding plus size boyfriend jeans with distressing gives a very different vibe than say a dark denim trouser or a straight leg jean, which you could wear to the office for a casual Friday.

Age-Appropriate Trendiness

I wanted to point out the difference because sometimes I hear that boyfriend jeans or distressed jeans aren’t “age-appropriate” or are “too trendy.” 

However, if you pair the trendy, like distressed boyfriend jeans, with conservative pieces, like a blazer, it strikes a balance that allows you to be fashion-forward and fresh but also age-appropriate. 

If all of the pieces in your outfit are more conservative you run the risk of looking boring or worse, like a fuddy-duddy.

If that’s the vibe you want, totally go for it. 

I, myself, have more conservative days depending on where I am going or if I am just in an unimaginative mood.  It happens. 

And if you dress conservatively at the office, I think that is spot on.

But to really be a bad ass fashionista, you will have to take some risks sometimes. 

And if you succeed in finding that balance, you’ll feel so good about how you look that you won’t even care what people might think. 

But chances are you’ll get compliments everywhere you go anyway!

Plus Size Orange Blazer Outfit

Plus Size Orange Blazer Outfit - Plus Size Spring Summer Outfit Idea - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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3 thoughts on “Plus Size Orange Blazer Outfit

  1. Thank you so much for putting together outfits that plus size women can wear and still look put together and stylish. Even when I am in my early 40’s!
    I have had to purge my closet to make room for the new outfits I have! Goodbye Chico’s abd talbots matronly outfits!
    I love SimplyBe clothing. I was skeptical at first because of their pricing. But have been happy with everything I have bought so far.

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