39 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

With the fall wedding season in full swing and holiday parties about to start, it’s time to think about cocktail dresses!  In the age of social media we can’t get away with wearing the same dress to every event.  That is, if you care about that sort of thing.  I never really thought about it until I was looking through some photos on Facebook and realized that it was pretty obvious that I was “recycling” the same dress.  Over and over.  Lol.  So I have concluded it’s good to have a rotation of dresses.  Just my two cents.  To be honest, no one probably noticed but me…  but isn’t everything that way.

So, if you are looking for plus size party dresses with sleeves for your next event, check out some of these beauties below.  Also, you can always find more of this season’s plus size party dresses pinned on my Plus Size Party Dresses Pinterest Board.

Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

39 Plus Size Party Dressses with Sleeves - Plus Size Cocktail Dresses - alexawebb.com #alexawebb #plussize

Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

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More Plus Size Dresses {with Sleeves}

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5 thoughts on “39 Plus Size Party Dresses {with Sleeves}

  1. How can I find the links to the dresses? When I click on the link it brings me to the article on your site. Thank you!

  2. Have you ordered/worn eshatki? I’m curious as to its quality and reliability based on the extremely reasonable prices and odd (think: cheap manufactured overseas and don’t get what you think you’re getting) name…

    1. Hi Melissa!
      I am SO sorry that I just saw this comment. I am not sure how I missed it! Yes, I do have/have bought from eShatki. I have 2 of their skirts and I am very impressed with the quality, especially given the price! Their clothes are manufactured overseas. But, they are supposed to be a really great company, as far as fair wages and labor practices. Lastly though, keep in mind it takes longer to get your clothes. I think mine took over 2 weeks. But, they were customized to my height and fit perfectly!

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