Plus Size Pink Lace Top & White Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Pink Lace Top - Plus Size Winter and Fall Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebbI have been on a white jeans kick lately!  I’ve been trying to come up with some interesting ways to wear white jeans in the winter.  Although, like my last plus size white jeans outfit, I seem to keep pairing them with pinks and grey.  It’s just a great combination!

This plus size pink lace top and white jeans outfit is a little glamorous, with faux fur, suede, and lace.  Not to mention the crystal chandelier earrings and blinged-out bracelet stack.  Yes, this is for the glamour girl!

But the biker jacket and over-the-knee boots add a little edge.  And as I’ve said many times, fashion lives in these juxtapositions.  Plus, if you’re wearing your white jeans in the winter, while plus sized (gasp!), you’re already a “rule breaker!”

Wide Calf Over-the-Knee Boots

Speaking of the boots, while these over-the-knee boots are technically “wide calf,” they have a 16″ circumference, which really isn’t all that wide.  When choosing boots, especially when shopping online, it is important to know the circumference of your calves to get proper fitting wide calf boots.  If you want tips on how to measure and where to shop wide calf boots, read my post here.

Once you know your calf measurement, you can easily shop for boots.  As for the similar ones I linked below, these are 17″ in circumference, while the boots I linked from Torrid vary depending on your foot/shoe size.  For example, these OTK boots range from 17″ to 19″ circumference, while these similar OTK boots, which are also available in extra wide calf range from 17.5″ to 22″.

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Plus Size Pink Lace Top & White Jeans Outfit

Plus Size Pink Lace Top & White Jeans Outfit - Plus Size Winter and Fall Outfit Ideas - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #plussize #alexawebb

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What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

I am working on Thanksgiving Day outfits for cool and warm climates, much like last year’s Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfits – Part 1 & Part 2, and the highly requested “Southern Edition.”  So, what I would really LOVE to know is will you be attending a casual, semi-dressed up (maybe some sparkles with jeans or a skirt), or dressed up (nice dress with heels) dinner for Thanksgiving this year?  Or maybe you’ll have a Netflix & chill on the couch session?  I’d love to know more as I work on these looks!

Please leave your Thanksgiving sartorial needs in the comments below.  Thanks!

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25 thoughts on “Plus Size Pink Lace Top & White Jeans Outfit

  1. Hi
    Love your emails I get
    Would love some help trying to find long sweaters to wear with Jeggings or leggings without looking like a slob…
    Can’t seem to find any sweaters this fall

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I know, tunic sweaters are so hard to come by! I saw that Lands’ End just came out with some. And I like that they aren’t bulky and look like that have an a-line cut. I also like these from J.Crew, although I wish I could see them on a larger body. FYI- J.Crew sizing is comparable to Lane Bryant. Speaking of LB, they just came out with a striped tunic-length sweater with sequin cuffs! Swoon. If you’re looking for colorful cashmere, these are great.

      I’m feeling inspired to do a post on these. So I may have more suggestions coming soon!

  2. For Thanksgiving I will be cooking at home and serving dinner more formally in the dining room. Mostly I’ll being more casual clothes but I’ll change into something a little dressier than jeans to serve the dinner. I love something to wear from the “southern edition”! Thank you.

  3. I am so happy you are asking for comments on this. I have been Thanksgiving-clothing challenged for 11 years!

    I live in the Northeast (DC), but do Thanksgiving with family in central Florida; wide differences in weather. Thanksgiving is a very casual family gathering, midday Thursday. We fly out on Wednesday, fly back on Friday; no checked bags. I have never quite figured out how to dress/pack for this trip. I know I should probably think layers to accommodate getting on a plane in one temp and off a plane in a completely different one; and, be able to reuse some of those clothes for Thursday….but, I never seem to make it work. I always overpack, and end up either hot or cold!

    1. Hi Neta,
      I understand. I am the queen of overpacking! And yet, I’m still rarely satisfied with what I pack! Lol. It’s funny because I am often asked to create packing guides but I worry I am not qualified. That said, I’m sure if I actually took the time to sit down and plan (imagine that, lol), I could probably avoid these problems. Sigh. I’m really just a procrastinator who ends up throwing everything but the kitchen sink in my suitcase the night before I leave for a trip!

      I think layers are always a good idea, especially in fabrics that won’t wrinkle.

      Anyway, thanks for your input.

  4. My family’s Thanksgiving is very casual. A hike in a state park, followed by dinner. We live in jeans & leggings whenever we get together.

    If I don’t make it home, I’ll be going to a restaurant here in Chicago, which means I can be as festive or casual as I feel like being.

  5. I love this! It’s such a super cute and feminine (but WARM) outfit. I especially love that lace turtleneck. It’s gorgeous.

  6. Thanksgiving is dinner at home with the family. We bring out the real China and crystal so I wouldn’t mind something with a little sparkle!

    1. I’m in the process of creating that. I’m going to include holiday outfit ideas, party dresses, black friday/holiday sales, and maybe some gift guides. If you can think of anything else you’d like to see, please let me know!


  7. I would love to see a faux fur vest that can be worn with leggings and jeans. Been looking for something like that for a while now and if I could get that for either Thanksgiving or Christmas that would be great!!

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