Plus Size Pink Plaid Outfit – Part 2

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This is the third outfit on the blog that you are seeing this plus size plaid shirt.  You can see the others linked below.    

Here I have layered with a fringe cardigan.  Its longest points go below the knee, almost like a duster.  A beautiful piece!

Plus Size Pink Plaid Outfit

Plus Size Pink Plaid Outfit - Plus Size Fashion for Women - #alexawebb

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Pink Plaid Outfit – Part 2

  1. Strangely there are 2 different shirts pictured on Yours Clothing. The shirt the model is wearing has the plaid diagonally on the placket, but the “empty” shirt shows it straight. I definitely prefer the straight way, but I wonder which version you’d get!
    Love that cardigan, by the way.

  2. Do you know how generous the sleeves on this shirt are cut? My upper arms are larger and I often have trouble finding blouses where the sleeves are wide enough so I tend to shy away from them. (by the way – love this shirt and the multiple ways you’ve highlighted wearing it)

    1. Hi Laura,
      I also have large upper arms. I know the struggle! I don’t own this shirt, but I do have other shirts/tops from Yours and I feel like they are cut generously. That said, the shirt doesn’t have stretch, which may be problematic. Another thing to consider is that you do have to pay return shipping if it doesn’t fit. I have never had to return anything to them, but depending where you are it may be cost prohibitive to ship to the UK. I hope this helps you make a decision!

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